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[Subject] Design Project Ice Creams which are one of the most consumed products, were once suffering through intense crisis. This primarily happened because companies were running short of ice cream dishes or carriers and as a result they could not match the market demand…
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Project design
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Download file to see previous pages However, packaging of ice cream on commercial basis was always a problem for mass producers. Initially they used to supply the product in cups but in the early 1900 manufacturers identified a strong need of introducing ice cream carriers which were less costly and more productive. John was too frustrated those days because of the increasing raw material cost. He has been into the ice cream manufacturing industry since last twenty years but now he was facing immense difficulty in meeting up all the business expenses while maintaining good profit margins. His company used to do business in the late 19th century and the early 20th century. They had paper cups, glass jars or even plastic boxes in order to store, transport and sell the product. However, due to the changing business scenario and the advancing technology the prices of ice cream carriers raised beyond expectations and hence the major ice cream manufacturers including John’s ice cream had to plan again the entire business strategy. Developing a new business idea so as to cater the needs of customers is very difficult and risky. Ideas can be generated through various sources but the most common and widely applicable source is brainstorming (Bragg). Paper and plastic carriers were very costly, they were incurring huge wastage and the natural environment was becoming contaminated. Considering this scenario and the declining company profits, John called his managing team including supply chain managers, financers, marketers and the advisors. After two months of intense brainstorming and parameter analysis they finally decided to introduce an entirely new ice cream carrier which was not only cost effective and friendly to the environment but it was also the most feasible, interesting, tasty and edible ice cream carrier ever produced. So now John was out of his initial frustration period he knew his need i.e. an ice cream carrier which could be eaten away along with the ice cream. However, the next stage was even more difficult as the team of researchers was still uncertain about the exact ingredients they must use to make the carrier eatable and safe to health. One of the advisors analyzed the cooking books to find a recipe for carriers which could easily hold ice cream for a longer time period without melting it away or soaking its moisture. Hence pastries and creams were thoroughly studied but since both of these were naturally soft materials and could not hold ice cream in the required solid form for a considerable time period therefore they were ultimately rejected. Then John evaluated the effectiveness of ice cream carriers made from flour. These were also rejected because of water absorption. Hence the frustration for not being able to implement the business idea was initiated and now John started to spend some more time in kitchen so as to identify the best possible material which could be used as an ice cream carrier. While introducing a new product or even making an innovation in the current product range there is significant value of time. Company has to profoundly move from product details, ideas, development, screening and finally the introduction (Fuller). All of these procedures must be followed in a timely manner. But here the time was running fast and the profits were decreasing even faster. It has now been one year that the entire team was evaluating different ice cream carriers. Some of them proved to be highly absorbent while others were too hard to eat ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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