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Lab Report: peltire device - Essay Example

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Proportional-Integral-Derivative (PID) Temperature Control Name Institution Date Abstract This is an experiment set up on Proportional-Integral-Derivative (PID) Temperature Control. The aims of the experiment included familiarizing with the Sensory PC1626 Interface Card, and the Simulink Real Time Windows Target Rtwintgt…
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Lab Report: peltire device
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Download file to see previous pages In doing so, the weighted sum of P, I and D was used to make the adjustment of the process through the control element such as the power that is supplied to the heating element or the control valve position. This showed that by tuning the 3 input parameters in the Proportional-Integral-Derivative (PID) controller algorithm, it is quite possible using the controller in providing the control action that is designed entirely for a specific process requirement. In conclusion, the response of Proportional-Integral-Derivative (PID) controller can be described basing on the controller responsiveness to an error, the degree of the system oscillation, and the degree at which the controller tends to overshoot a set-point Introduction. The proportional-Integral-Derivative Controller is a type of control loop feedback mechanism that finds is application in Industrial control systems. The PID controller is one of the most common feedback controllers in use. It works by calculating the error value as a difference between the desired set point and the measured process variable. In this case, the controller function by attempting to reduce the error through making adjustments on the control input process. In this experiment, there is the software part, which is composed of the PID controller algorithm involving three separate constant parameters (the integral, the proportional, and the derivative values) whose manipulation makes it possible to reduce on the error, and the hardware upon which the software commands. Other software include Matlab 2007b together with a Simulink software. Examples of the hardware in this experiment include the control valve, and the heating element, the Petlier heating or cooling module (King, 2010). Theory. Peltier effect is used by a thermoelectric cooler to establish a heat flux between the junction of the two variety of materials. Peltier cooler is an example of a solid active state heat pump that transfers heat to the other side of a device from a specific side. The device consumes electric energy in accordance to the current direction. A device of this kind is referred to as the Peltlier device, solid state refrigerator, thermoelectric cooler, or the the Petlier heat pump(King, 2010). If its operation is that of a generator, one side of the generator would be heated towards a temperature that is considered to be higher than that of the other side hence establishing a difference in the voltage between the two different sides. This is shown in diagram 1. Diagram 1. A PID system of control or a proportional controller involves the multiplication of the system errors by a variable gain that is referred to as gain Kp up to when a suitable gain obtains a response that is reasonable (Tan, 1999). The obtained gain increases the system power, and whenever the power is increased past a limit referred to as the critical gain, the system loses its stability and begins to oscillate. In a system, the increase of power is desired since it fastens the response of the system at the expense of certain overshoot. Apparatus. The instruments that were used for this experiment included the Petlier heating or cooling module whose operation temperature was between 2 degrees Celsius to 45 degrees Celsius, A Matlab ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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