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Second Order Crossover Loudspeaker - Lab Report Example

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This report discusses the second order cross-over loudspeaker, loudspeakers are classified into different orders on the basis of filter order.Before discussing second order cross-over loudspeaker in detail first we get clear about basic concepts of audio cross-over, benefits, alternate designs etc…
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Second Order Crossover Loudspeaker
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Download file to see previous pages Crossovers works on the principle of dividing the audio single into several frequency parts that are transmitted to respective speakers designed to manipulate the respective frequencies. Audio cross-overs are widely used in electronics applications. We use multiple drivers or speakers in our sound systems as mostly an individual driver is not capable enough to cover and manipulate every frequency range present in sound so separate drivers are used for separate frequency ranges.
What actually a cross-over circuit does is that it splits the input frequency into parts on the basis of low and high value and send it to the respective driver that will forward the signal frequency as a whole to the output load that is the speaker.
Two same resistance value speakers can be positioned in a parallel setting because of cross-over circuit. The resistance value speakers that are positioned in a parallel setting can be of two sorts, higher one and the lower one. Because of this parallel setting, an amplifier can be there with a single-valued resistance.
Two varying drive units having varied efficiency values can be matched with one another with the support of cross-over circuits. With this grouping, the outcome in terms of frequency responsiveness by the drive units is not huge.
The cross-over circuit permits either woofer or tweeter to equal response to the frequency due to which, the compound rejoinder is soft and smooth as compared to the unstrained curves of woofers or tweeters.
We can make chunks of larger frequency range into minor portions to create standardized sounds. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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