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Engineering and Construction Name Tutor Institution Subject Code Roles and responsibility An architect is person trained to design structures like buildings, roads and dams while architecture is the use of the knowledge acquired through study experience and practice in the solving of an engineering problem…
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Engineering and Construction: Roles and Responsibilities; Health and Safety Legislation
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Download file to see previous pages This research will begin with the statement that an architect is person trained to design structures like buildings, roads and dams while architecture is the use of the knowledge acquired through study experience and practice in the solving of an engineering problem. Architect obtains raw facts from the client and develops them to information that can be interpreted by various personnel in the construction field. He participates in the building process throughout, from planning to occupancy. He is also known as the lead consultant and chairs all the site meetings. Since they are professionals, they also affiliate with other professionals in order to gain certain information or to achieve particular goals. They work closely with structural engineers, who give detailed information about design certain areas like the column, rely on the building engineers who interpret the drawing and implement it, and architect also partner with plumbers and electrical engineers. Plumbers are responsible for internal water supply of a building while electrical engineers are responsible for lighting. In the construction team, the architect is hired by the owner of the project. He is accountable to the owner in various ways. He produces the designs that must meet the requirements of the client and also takes care of the laws regulating buildings and building codes which usually set height of foundations (datum line), height of walls, parking necessities, ventilations and land use. Under traditional contract, an architect plays a vital role since he advises on the award of the project to the contractor, monitors the development of the work undertaken during construction and changes orders as specified in the design specification document. They also review contractor’s drawings shop and relevant submittals as well as issue site instructions in their capacity as lead consultants and provide construction contract administration and review certificates for payment to the contractor. Mechanical engineers relate the ethics of motion, energy, force, and materials to plan products that are safer and reliable. They deal with automotive, biomedical, computer, chemical and power generation industries. They may get involved with, electrical engineers in line of their duties. In various fields like industries, a lot of lighting is required, for instance, in automotives; vehicles require light for night operation, and this forms part of electronics, which is dealt with under electrical engineering. Mechanical engineers also need biologists when carrying out biological analysis under biomedical. They also require the knowledge of astrologers while designing aero-planes, jets and light aircrafts. Generally they have the responsibility of studying auto aerodynamics using computers, inventing an ultrasonic device that deters whales, dolphins, and seals from swimming into fishing nets, designing rocket engines to withstand the freezing temperatures of outer space, analyzing machinery such as gas turbines, control devices, and jet engines, with the goal of improving their performance (Lockhart & Johnson, 2000).1 On the other hand, an electrical engineer is a trained individual who deals with study and application of electricity and electronics. They always have the responsibilities in various fields. Under building and construction services, they assess the maximum current demand of a building; here they work on behalf of a contractor to whom they are accountable to. Secondly, they may be employed to oversee public works projects and to ensure proper lighting in the streets and in towns of which they are accountable to the local government. In their line of duty, they associate with, building designers who are the architects, as they are responsible for lighting in building (Anumba, Kamara & Decelle, 2007)2. They also associate with town planners to abide their regulations and codes. A site based environmental manager is personnel who carry out environmental impact assessment study. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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