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How to Maintain Long Distance Relationship - Admission/Application Essay Example

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This study explores how communication influences relationship satisfaction among the people who are in this form of relationship. The author states that those individuals who communicate more frequently are more satisfied with their relationship and are able to cope with the stressors …
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How to Maintain Long Distance Relationship
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Download file to see previous pages There are a lot of factors which are known to play a vital role in the success of a relationship. These apply to both geographical close relationships and the long distance relationships. There are also numerous variables that affect satisfaction in long-distance romantic relationships. Communication between couples who are in a long distance relationship has been identified by various scholars as a very important variable that affects the affairs (Bell & Brauer- Bell, 2012). Communication, in this case, can be through face to face communication or through other platforms such as the internet and instant messaging platforms.
Considering the fact that face to face communication is limited in long distance relationships, the other modes of communication play a very imperative part in ensuring that there is satisfaction in the relationship. Communication does not only affect satisfaction but also impacts on the comfort levels of the parties in a relationship, as well as on their sense of solidarity. Research has been done on how the frequency of communication among partners in long distance relationship affects their perception of intimacy and on the success of the relationship. However, not much has been done to help understand how the frequency of communication affects the satisfaction with that particular relationship.
Due to the distance that separate two people who are in a long distance relationship, communication problems appear to be among the most common problems that tend to impact negatively on the relationship. Clover (2003) says that communication does not only allow the partners in a relationship to increase their intimacy but also ensures that they trust each other more.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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