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First is manufacturing, second is the (potential client), third are the competitors who may or may not lose out on the business, fourth is your boss and fifth is you.
#3 Manufacturing is impacted in that they may be…
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MRT 18, 19
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Topic:  MRT 18, 19 Section 1 Some of the issues involved include, If the product is rushed through production perhaps it is the case that quality control is lost.
By making a decision to expedite the delivery relationship you may improve your relationship with your boss but harm your relationship with manufacturing.
By not delivering by April 1st perhaps your competitors will secure the contract which would hurt the company bottom line.
#2 There are five agents that are impacted by this scenario. First is manufacturing, second is the (potential client), third are the competitors who may or may not lose out on the business, fourth is your boss and fifth is you.
#3 Manufacturing is impacted in that they may be required to go above and beyond their normal duties and it may be the case that this decision fosters resentment towards sales and management. Your competitors would be impacted because they would potentially lose the contract. Your boss is impacted because if the contract is secured she would look good but may loose face with the manufacturing department. You would be impacted in that you would have to put extra pressure on manufacturing and sacrifice quality controls.
Some potential solutions is to suggest to your boss how quality control will be affected and how that would negatively affect the firm in the long run. You could conditionally agree with the April 1st delivery but keep close tabs on manufacturing, and if they are unable to meet that deadline simply inform the client of this. Or you could keep the mid April delivery date but assure your client that this is vital to ensure quality control.
#4 On a personal level I probably would push for the April 1st deadline. It is the case that your boss has a great deal of experience with the matter and if during the course of filling the order, it becomes clear that manufacturing will be unable to complete the task then you can simply relay this message to the client and reassure them that the decision was based on maintaining quality control.
Section 2
#1 The reason why I have chosen Tandberg is because they are one of the global leaders in the marketing and manufacturing of video teleconferencing systems. Furthermore they have a strong hold of the tele-presence equipment market for small businesses which in which video is streaming in such high bandwidth that it actually seems like the person is there.
#2 The intended audience is most likely small to large size organizations in which a great deal of their activities may require active participants to travel a long distance or minimize the risk of disease from close human contact. Some specific examples are distance education, healthcare specialists, or even manufacturing.
In terms of education one quote from the blog is “Another opportunity cited is the possibility that students can take classes that may not be offered at their own schools – Mandarin for example – through distance education over video conferencing with another school that teaches it.”
In terms of healthcare, one quote from the blog is “Universtiy Hospital of Umea, Sweden used video conferencing to facilitate long-distance speech therapy from local centres and patients’ homes. The removal of lengthy travel has enabled increased sessions, resulting in faster time to recovery.”
In terms of manufacturing one quote from the blog is “Video conferencing is the perfect solution with its measurable ROI and carbon offsets. Volkswagen knows this first hand. They cut vehicle repair time by over 50% and reduced costs by 30% by deploying experts via video who didn’t have to travel as much to supervise repairs.”
An example from the blog of how a risk of disease can be minimized is “When epidemics like H1N1 strike, companies are forced to re-assess their business continuity plans to ensure possible business impact is minimized or avoided all together. Preparedness and communication are the foundation to any effective plan. Given the widespread risk of H1N1, businesses with the ability to maintain communication via virtual face-to-face connectivity will undoubtedly come out ahead.”
#3 On a blog that I would have created for my own company the intended audience would be small to large size entities who are looking to make their business more green. It is the case that traveling long distances not only costs a lot of money but can also cause a great deal of damage to the earth. The purpose of the blog would be to provide information to our customers that they can save tremendous amount of money and attract a more green conscience client base by simply utilizing our product. The scope would be simply to present scenarios and examples of our business products and how they have helped everyday businesses. I feel that this would be the best use of the company blog simply because green initiatives are a real concern for a lot of organizations and I feel that by presenting the cost savings along with the environmental benefits would really attract interested customers. Read More
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