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Product Reliability - Essay Example

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Certain pre requisites apply to it in order to make an order reliable. These considerations are based on manufacturing points, the design, components, requirements and all other basic functions that are…
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Product Reliability
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Extract of sample "Product Reliability"

Product reliability: This concept entails the expectation and performance to the expected mark. Certain pre requisites apply to it in order to make an order reliable. These considerations are based on manufacturing points, the design, components, requirements and all other basic functions that are needed to be taken into account in order to make a product reliable.
Example of a product in heavy machine industry:
Heavy machine industry products designing require extensive consideration with regard to the safety, their performance and overall feasibility. Since one single unit costs plenty and lots is at stake, for this reason product reliability tests are of high importance.
Design considerations:
The design consideration includes all those conditions necessary to be taken into account while manufacturing the product. Its feasibility, compatibility, the costs of components, the maintenance costs and various other factors that make a design a success.
Product success also relies on the sample/ pilot tests. Pilot tests help saving large amount of costs which might be incurred on correction and delays in projects. Increasing reliability requires improved and professional working, resources availability, skilled labor and manufacturing plants and machines.
Various strategies are induced into designing a product (Chitale
In their research not only looks into the technical aspects of a product design, but also the feasibility and the customer consideration with regard to their interest and public demand.
Raheja in their study focus on the tools and techniques that can help creating an effective product with improved reliability. It also provides details about how to avoid failures and poor products outputs. Since the poor product production is directly related to the loss in sales, and customer trust in the company. Their study sheds light on the human safety factor since the designs in heavy machine industry demand human safety from an ergonomic view point.
Tooley In their study focus on the possible glitches and obstacles that might confront the design and manufacturing process. The role of suitable raw material to be used and their possible impact on the overall design and end product. Their study also highlight the importance of creativity and innovation in the product designing. Various design products and raw materials will have different costs attached to them and would result in different net output at the end of entire product design.
Bernard in their study focus on the modern means of manufacturing and increasing the product reliability. The global methods of designs have certainly improved with time as a result they have introduced new concepts in the designing world that have more promise to them in regard of product reliability.
Finally Pfeifer in their study highlight the impact the material choice can have on the overall product and the final design and output. The initial thought process, the material designing consideration, the raw material usage, the level of expertise available all these factors make up for a good recipe in form of good product design.
Works cited:
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Tooley, Michael H. Design Engineering Manual. Amsterdam: Butterworth-Heinemann, 2010. Print. Read More
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