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I maintain an open, friendly and cooperative relationship with my preschoolers’ families by providing opportunities for their parents and guardians or any other important family member to contribute their skills, as well as talents in class programs. I also respect each…
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Download file to see previous pages I also maintain good communication with my preschooler’s parents in order to guarantee their well being. Finally, I ensure that I am in a good position to discuss problematic behaviours of my preschoolers with their parents in a positive, helpful manner.
In order to encourage family involvement in classroom activities, I encourage parents to be clients of the program. This grants them a chance to say what they like or do not like about the program. They also offer bright ideas by acting as clients to the program. Also, I request the parents of my preschoolers to volunteers to some of the school programs. For instance, I ask some of the parents to help in serving snacks for students or contribute toys that they think might help their children learn. Finally, I have included myself on the teacher-parent association in order to contribute to the local politics that parents bring up concerning their children’s learning. Through this, I share with the parents the importance of their children’s learning.
I support the relationships of my preschoolers and their families by incorporating both classroom activities and home activities that include both the student and their parents. Such activities ensure that they children and their parents have worked together to complete the assignment. For instance, during sports day, I ask the parent to run for a designated distance while carrying their infants. I give my students assignments concerning their parents, whom they have to ask in order to complete it. Such assignments include briefly describing what your mother or father does at work or how their parents’ childhood was. I also provide a diary for parents to sign to ensure that their child has completed his/her homework given. This will ensure that the parent has checked to ensure that the homework was tackled successfully.
Whenever parents to my preschoolers’ parents are in school, I ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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