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The The Bachelor of Arts Degree in America - Term Paper Example

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This paper adopts the view that the Bachelor of Arts degree has been cheapened in the U.S. The paper provides insightful recommendations on the topic of educational system in America with regard to the process of acquiring the Bachelor of Arts degree.
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The The Bachelor of Arts Degree in America
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Extract of sample "The The Bachelor of Arts Degree in America"

Download file to see previous pages Unlike courses like engineering and nursing, the Bachelor of Arts program lacks definite measurability. Engineering and nursing degrees keep themselves up as they rely virtually and intimately on concrete and definite human interests. Existences of definite issues like a patient die, a bridge breaks down, successful operation and many more are inevitable tests. They check up the results and imposes emphasis on these and other similar units or degree programs. Each of these programs has verifiable results. B. A lacks verification in the U.S. People have nothing distinct that they can anticipate from Bachelor of Arts degrees. No academic institution has created a set of standards or policies concerning the course. Therefore, outsiders have nothing based on their examinations on the success of the degree. B. A does not stand for any valuable reason, which can give it special guarantee-marks in the parenthesis (Keller, 1918).
Several colleges in America have poor teachers attached almost irretrievably to the faculty. They are very many that there are not enough good teachers to feel their positions. The market has no enough number of good teachers. However, it is still hard to choose a good teacher, as there are no factors to define a good teacher. B. A department does its recruitment of teachers in a hurried manner without considering certain factors. The department usually does snap and whimsical appointments. In the future, it should consider all the necessary factors so that it can pick well-groomed teachers. In addition, the department or faculty ought to have a system to pressure underperforming teachers to work to the expected level. Every teacher ought to work to his/her best because the faculty would not be as bad as it is if every teacher were working to his/her best.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The The Bachelor of Arts Degree in America Term Paper.
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