Why its Important to Graduate for Students - Essay Example

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This essay examines statistical research, a personal story, and a real-world example concerning personal betterment to demonstrate that without a college education people face an uphill battle and in many situations a less fulfilling life…
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Why its Important to Graduate for Students
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Statistical research also demonstrates that a person who goes to college usually earns more than a person who doesn’t, as median earnings for full-time workers more than 25 years old increased by over $20,000 for people who have college degrees vs. those who only have a high school diploma. Considering these facts, the necessity for students to stay in and graduate from college is imperative.

Even with statistical research clearly demonstrating the need for students to stay in and graduate from college, the opportunity for increased quality of life cannot be underestimated. In my own life, I can see the challenges my father has faced. Since he lacked a college degree his career options were limited and needed to work many labor-intensive jobs, including construction, to become financially established. His situation can be contrasted with that of my mother who attained a Bachelor of Arts Degree. She was able to attain a position as a teacher and make a comparable salary to my father with less and arguably more rewarding work.

While a college degree clearly offers increased career and salary options, it also is a chance to achieve personal betterment. Through the college experience, students gain knowledge about the world that can help them find greater appreciation in art and culture. The opportunity to be exposed to and learn about unique cultures makes one more open-minded and accepting of different people and ideas.

In conclusion, the necessity to attend and graduate from college is overwhelmingly clear. Statistical research demonstrates that people will college degrees have increased earning potential. Graduating from college also affords the chance to find a less strenuous and more fulfilling career. Finally, the experience of attending college is instrumental in personal development and cultural appreciation. Read More
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