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It has reached an odd status quo, a point whereby: tuition fees and student college debt are high, salaries for college graduates are high, and the remuneration premium attached to bachelor’s degrees is skyrocketing than…
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College is worth
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Presently the raging debate concerns college education. It has reached an odd status quo, a point whereby: tuitionfees and student college debt are high, salaries for college graduates are high, and the remuneration premium attached to bachelor’s degrees is skyrocketing than ever before. Thus the big question is whether college is “worth it”.
Individuals arguing that college is worth the hassle contend the fact that graduates from college have got higher rates of employment, better and bigger salaries, superior work benefits and a couple of other advantages than their high school counterparts. In addition to that, these protagonist claim that college graduates have got advanced interpersonal skills, have children who are healthier, live longer and have even proved their capacity to accomplish key milestones (Richard, 2012).
On the other hand individuals against college contend the fact that debt arising out of college loans is very high and therefore hinders graduates from starting early savings for their retirement, getting married and purchasing a house. They further argue that several successful people never finished their college education and that several jobs particularly trades jobs, necessarily do not need college degrees (Bennett, 2013).
Those are not only the underlying issues though. Thus the presence of highly successful individuals who dropped out of college such as Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and most recently Mark Zuckerberg weighs heavily on young individuals’ decisions on whether or not to attend college education. Similarly some experts make arguments that going to college have literally become less about studying actual skills and more about basically paying to get a degree. Meanwhile the debate about college education is quite controversial and is on many forums of the American Society and expected to go on in foreseeable future.
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Richard, Schwartz. Is College Education Still Worth the Price?A Deans Sobering Perspective. New York: Now and Then Reader,LLC, 2012. Read More
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