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Education has been seen as the opener of a good life. As a result, parents are willing to use any amount of money in order to support their children during their college life. However,…
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College if worth for most of people but not all kind of people
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Extract of sample "College if worth for most of people but not all kind of people"

It is the dream of every parent to build a strong framework for the future of their children. Education has been seenas the opener of a good life. As a result, parents are willing to use any amount of money in order to support their children during their college life. However, many people are now doubting whether parents are getting value for their money, especially with the increasing number of unemployed college graduates (The Economist 1).
College education is turning to be a burden to the students rather than an avenue to help them have a happy and better life. Many of the college students are struggling to repay their college loans. After school, they cannot be able to purchase a new home, car, or other important assets to help them live a happy life (Konwerski 1). Instead, their salary is being deducted to repay the college loans which makes it hard for them to achieve their goals when they are young. This explains the reason why many young people are yet to invest or even save for their future and that of the children. Therefore, at the end, those who never attend college are able to do well as they start to invest early enough, an aspect that enables them to lead a happy and better life (Leonhardt 1).
The success of many college dropouts such as Bill gates and Mark Zuckerberg is an indication that college education is losing its focus. The current curriculum is focusing mainly on equipping the students will papers. Rather than helping the students nurture their talents, it is encouraging a culture of cramming. In addition, many colleges have become money making ventures (Burke 1). Therefore, equipping the students with the necessary skills for their future careers is an aspect that is being given little attention in the colleges. Instead, many colleges are admitting many students than the infrastructures in these institutions can handle in order to earn more money. This explains why some of the successful dropout ends up employing college graduates because they believe that they are entitled to a job rather than creating employment themselves (Rossi 1).
The majority of the college students attends school to please their parents and pass this stage of life. They lack motivation to go through their respective courses. In addition, many parents force the students to pursue specific courses because they feel that they are marketable and fetch a higher salary (Brandon 1). However, this system of education ignores student’s talent. Therefore, many students end up in different careers than what they trained for. This is after wasting several years going through the college education.
College education should only be for the intelligent, motivated, engaged, and students who have a clear goal of what they want to achieve with their degree (Morgan 1). Those who feel that their destiny lies somewhere else should therefore be left to pursue their dreams rather than forcing them to go through college life and end up shunning away their papers and pursuing something different (Time 1).
The uncertainty in the job market is making it hard for the college graduate to secure a decent job. Many of these students end up being employed by the students who never joined college, but pursued their dreams (Pew Research Center 1). Therefore, parents must examine whether the students need to achieve their goals and if the college education will contribute in any way.
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