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The Provision of High-Quality Education - Case Study Example

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The paper 'The Provision of High-Quality Education' presents success which exists as an equal shot to all students in a perfect world. This can be achieved through the provision of high-quality education by excellent schools that employ highly qualified educators…
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The Provision of High-Quality Education
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Extract of sample "The Provision of High-Quality Education"

Download file to see previous pages This paper will examine the traditions in which students’ upper or lower social class environment is the backbone of a sense belonging among students currently in college in the United States.
A sense of belonging is important for the psychological and physiological well-being of students in college. Therefore, the need for the students to feel that they belong in a particular place exists as a fundamental human motivation. Research has documented the factors and ways in which young people in college choose friends. They do this by deciding on whom to include and whom not to include in their social circles. Those excluded are affected majorly in their psychology inducing negative emotional states among college students. Other students in college have a limited sense of belonging because of childhood experiences. This is fostered majorly the sport played while in high school (if at all the student participated in any) or care portrayed by parents. Thus, the financial difficulties faced by the family hindered a sense of belonging. When a student is able to identify with a given group helps to ground a sense of belonging (Ballantine and Spade 99).
With the use of a slightly differing paradigm, Walton and Cohen (1448) suggest that prejudice might exist intentionally against members of groups to which they have limited or no opportunity to ground their roots. Therefore, race, national origin, and gender are the main bases of prejudice. The social class exists as a slightly complicated variable because social mobility avails to most of the students an opportunity to belong to a class group of their choice. Markers that portray class like speech, clothing, and interest, more often than not, are used to highlight people of similar social class. Clearly, recent educational institutions utilize these class markers to define, perfectly or unambiguously, to the class that each belongs. College students, especially those with a low social class, who are women and or who are of color experience discrimination in relation to their social class than any other group. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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The Provision of High- Quality Education Case Study.
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