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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Final Exam What are the provisions of the No Child Left behind Act? Why do states regard this as an unfunded mandate? The No Child left behind Act requires states to create adequate yearly progress, or AYP, objectives that are consistent several regulations (Olivert 7)…
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Download file to see previous pages The AYP must also have its basis on assessments by the state, as well as one additional indicator of academic performance. The objectives also need to be set out with the aim of having all learners gaining at least a proficiency level in the next twelve years, i.e., by the 2013-2014 academic year (Olivert 43). The adequate yearly progress objective also need to be evaluated at the school level, with schools failing to meet the laid down objectives for two years in a row being marked for improvement. The AYP results for the mentioned special groups of children need to be reported as a separate entity, in order to determine whether the student groups were able to meet their objectives for AYP. In addition, at least ninety-five percent of every group needs to participate in these statewide assessments. Finally, states can aggregate their data for up to three years in their determination of AYP. It requires that the states provide for teachers who are highly qualified for all students. Every state also sets its specific standards as to what can be referred to as highly qualified teachers (Olivert 44). The act also requires that states set each of its students one challenging and high standard, although, the curriculum standards need to be applied to all students instead of having varying standards for various students in different areas of the state or other states all together. The Act requires that schools allow military recruiters get contacts for students unless the student does not want to grant access to these recruiters. States also regard this Act as an unfunded mandate because the Act’s main provision requires schools to give standardized tests for the entire state when the year ends (Olivert 69). If schools fail to show any significant improvement in these tests from one year to the subsequent year, they are asked to improve the quality of education that thy offer. This is through hiring highly qualified teachers and providing for private tutoring for the failing students. To continue being the recipients of federal assistance, the states will have to provide plans that show steps being taken to improve education quality in their schools. The Act mandates states to provide funds for the needed improvements and, thereafter, provide appropriate training for the teachers deemed as less qualified (Olivert 69). What are the federal rules regarding Medicaid? How is most Medicaid funding spent? How have states coped with rapid escalation in medical costs? In order to fulfill the statutory purpose of Medicaid in the provision of medical assistance to specific individuals and to participate in the program, all states are required to cover low-income core group individuals (Iritani 34). The minimum eligibility groups have expanded incrementally over time, especially to include pregnant women and children, disabled individuals, the elderly, and parents up to the income levels specified. Another rule requires that the ACA is inclusive of maintenance of effort requirement that keeps CHIP and Medicaid coverage stable until reform expands coverage. The federal government also requires that enrollees to be provided, with a core set of benefits that are mandatory and specific cost sharing protections in order to participate in this program. In addition, the states are largely in charge of determining provider payments within the limits of federal requirements. The federal government requires payments to be consistent with access, quality, economy, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Assignment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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