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Campus Culture, Vision, Conflict Resolution, or Campus Improvement - Essay Example

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This study will present a critical analysis of the articles “Conflict Сoaching: Conflict management strategies and skills for the individual”, “Continuous school improvement”, and “Building the academic deanship: Strategies for success”…
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Campus Culture, Vision, Conflict Resolution, or Campus Improvement
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Extract of sample "Campus Culture, Vision, Conflict Resolution, or Campus Improvement"

Download file to see previous pages The key points in the article “Conflict Сoaching: Conflict management strategies and skills for the individual” are the two methods of solving problems which are the coercive and the noncoercive methods. It enhances the fact that, most of the conflicts come up as a result of institutions or organizations having individuals from different cultures and working towards the same goal or vision. Biasness is what causes conflicts and can either lead to improved campuses with the best vision. It brings out the notion that solving conflicts through noncoercive method is the best method. As a leader, the researcher is called to solve different conflicts that occur on campuses. Therefore, the knowledge on different types of conflicts and how to resolve them is an added advantage for my leadership skills. No biases can be involved in the process of conflict resolution. The researcher would recommend this article to all the leaders who do not know how to handle conflicting issues since it gives guidelines on how to manage a conflict through different stages and gives accurately the possible outcomes of each step carried out. The article “Continuous school improvement” talks about administration qualities which can lead to enhancing the vision of campuses. It gives direction on how to integrate different scenario in the effort of achieving the vision of an institution. The key point from the article is that all the proposed ideas must be integrated to fit into the vision of an institution. All factors must be considered for a vision to be achieved in the right manner, hence the need for integrated systems. The researcher would recommend this article to all the administrators who need tips on how to work towards a vision and achieve it. This is because; most of the ideas brought out are very handy for administrators as they look into the qualities of a good administrator and the ways administrators should handle different situations in order to achieve a particular goal. The article “Building the academic deanship: Strategies for success” has new ideas that campuses have not yet discovered especially in offering the best academic practices in more practical ways. The practical way of learning is the best form of getting more skilled personnel in the professional industries and work sector. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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