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Formal Systematic Learning versus Informal Learning - Literature review Example

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The review “Formal Systematic Learning versus Informal Learning” states that the root of any formal learning is always informal learning. The author displays a shortcoming of formal learning and significance of informal schooling citing the cognitivism and behaviorist theories…
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Extract of sample "Formal Systematic Learning versus Informal Learning"

Download file to see previous pages A literature review of three theories of learning i.e. Behaviourism, Cognitivism, and Experiential theory of learning. Then I discuss the present scenario and view about these two forms of learning, adding my opinion which I gain through the study of the three theories. In the end, I conclude that a formal systematic way of learning is less important than informal learning, as the excellence which a student achieves informal learning is somehow dependent on his informal learning.
Learning - “comprises of a mixture of knowledge, skills, and abilities, all of which is pretty obvious, but it also refers to attitudes and behaviors which are not so readily thought of as learning.” It is an activity intrinsic to man, a man is given the power to think, to rationalize, to create and re-create, to build, to theorize, etc. Having been a natural part of man’s growth and development, learning comes to man without realising that indeed he/she is actually learning, especially so that traditionally, learning is equated with schooling.
Accordingly, with the rapid progress of Information Technology, learning is now evidently taking place anywhere at any time as it happens during leisure time, as it happens in the workplace, in the home defying the traditional classroom-based learning. These developments have subjected the understanding of learning to a different perspective other than the traditional view ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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