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Students From Disadvantaged and Marginalized Communities Succeed in School - Book Report/Review Example

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The problem discussed in this paper is the poor academic and social performance of children living in poverty and marginalized communities. The author believes that creating a socially just school is the best way to help these students to reach their educational and life goals…
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Students From Disadvantaged and Marginalized Communities Succeed in School
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Extract of sample "Students From Disadvantaged and Marginalized Communities Succeed in School"

Download file to see previous pages Two theorists are featured prominently in this author's work. The first is Bourdieu's idea of social capital. In short, social capital as visualized by Bourdieu is the network of relationships that give individuals access to institutional resources. These networks are constantly reaffirming, often unconscious and are utilized by the dominant class to replicate uniformity and maintain social dominance. The second theorist is Stanton-Salazar, who developed ideas about teacher based social capital. Stanton-Salazar theorizes that the relationship between student and teacher is an optimal way for disadvantaged students to build social capital. Teachers energized by helping students negotiate unfamiliar social worlds by extending their web of social connections are preparing students to bridge the gap between heterogeneous groups. The key points of the paper are presented in the context of the research conducted at a primary school in South Australia. The first point the author establishes is that there is a disconnect between the policy-driven and numbers-obsessed, business model type school and what students coming from disadvantaged communities need to learn. His call for a major reform to reinvent school based upon the concepts of social capital building is hampered by several realities. First, he found that teachers did not have a good understanding of the concept of social capital. The term was used interchangeably with several other terms with a decidedly psychological slant. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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