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The Influence of the Social Disparities in the Educational Success of the Students - Research Paper Example

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From the paper "The Influence of the Social Disparities in the Educational Success of the Students" it is clear that the resourcefulness of the elite and affluent schools creates an unwarranted advantage in the educational environment since it should be an even playing field…
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The Influence of the Social Disparities in the Educational Success of the Students
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Extract of sample "The Influence of the Social Disparities in the Educational Success of the Students"

Download file to see previous pages Importantly, the input of the teachers’ expertise in the educational growth of the students enables them to develop their creativity. Teachers from working-class schools are not enthusiastic about developing the skills of their students beyond the curriculum requirements. However, instructors from elite and affluent schools assist students in nurturing life and career skills that will benefit students well beyond the school years (Anyon, 1980). These differences bring about the imbalance in the quality of students from the two institutions. Generally, scholars from elite and affluent schools have additional skills other than the basic educational requirements of curriculums. Essentially, these skills assist the students to overcome numerous life hurdles and enhance their problem-solving capabilities Introduction Education is an essential necessity that the government usually provides to its citizens. Governments are the major providers of education since they meet a sizeable part of their annual budgets. However, the education system is inclusive of privately funded institutions, which offer a competitive edge to their students in comparison to the public schools. Anyon, (1980) confirms the variations of the students are sparking an intense debate of the merits of different education systems. It is inevitable to question the characteristics that define the preference of either of the two education systems. Essentially, the quality of education becomes a critical question in evaluating both systems of schooling. Does the quality of learning improve if the elite schools offer competition to the poor schools? Either of these two systems can produce good or poor outcomes, depending on the variables of their educational structure, for example, teacher’s proficiency.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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