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Educational Opportunities - Annotated Bibliography Example

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The present paper is an annotated bibliography on educational opportunities. The first article is Race, Culture, and Educational Opportunity written by Anderson, which criticizes the view that, if cultural factors within the black community explain poor educational outcomes for blacks, then blacks should bear all of the disadvantages that follow from this…
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Educational Opportunities
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Extract of sample "Educational Opportunities"

Download file to see previous pages Ben-Porath, S. (2012). School Choice and Educational Opportunity: Rationales, Outcomes, and Racial Disparities. Theory And Research In Education, 10(2), 171-189.

This article examines the rationales for school choice and the significance of choice mechanisms for racial disparities in educational opportunities and outcomes. It identifies tensions between liberty-based rationales and equality-based rationales, and surveys research findings on the outcomes of school choice policies, especially with regard to the racial composition of schools and distribution of opportunities. It concludes that school choice policies are multifarious and lack cohesion, that many existing mechanisms of choice lack proper public justification, and that the outcomes of these policies and mechanisms are at odds with most of the goals identified by their advocates, particularly for minority families.
Bushnell, E. J. (2012). Looking Forward: New Challenges and Opportunities. New Directions For Student Services, (138), 91-103.

It is essential for higher education professionals to remain abreast of industry trends, emerging fields, and changing requirements that affect the job market and advanced education opportunities for new graduates. Equally important is a continual review of evolving strategies for success in the job search itself. Common practices in today's career services office, like marketing events via social media and coaching students to polish their online presence, were unheard of even ten years ago. This chapter explores recent job market trends and emerging industries, reviews changes in the job search process, and evaluates how changes in higher education transform the preparation of graduates. It also looks ahead to consider how changes in the job market and job search process might alter the ways in which practitioners prepare college graduates for their futures. Finally, this chapter addresses how changes in higher education may further influence the approach of student affairs professionals and their colleagues as they prepare new generations of college students for after-college life. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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