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 This essay discusses the issues faced by international students. The writer has compiled a research proposal documenting the challenges and possible avenues which can be exploited to ease the situation. Also, it analyses an interview conducted amongst staff and students…
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Issues Faced by International Students
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Issues Faced by International Students
After an intensive and exhaustive research of issues faced by international students who seek educational opportunities in foreign countries, I have compiled a research proposal documenting the challenges and possible avenues which can be exploited to ease the situation.
An interview conducted amongst staff and students revealed that international students` face challenges which vary in many aspects. Partly the challenges are social and partly economical. The artificial problems are commonly associated with the social set up in which the students have to settle in. some common examples of social challenges include racial and cultural differences, isolation, powerlessness, political intolerance, and lack of peer support. The economic aspects of the challenges include difficulty in finding safe and comfortable accommodation services. The research substantiates how the mentioned problems plays a key role in affecting the performance of foreign students negatively making the learning process problematic. Key interviews conducted and article reviews within the proposal demonstrate the extent of the issues and ways that the institution can participate in alienating the problems.
Much appreciation in considering my letter and the issues it raises towards the betterment of the education system. For any clarification or questions, all the research material will be availed upon request. Read More
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