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International Students - Essay Example

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This report is all about how to tackle the problems faced by the international students at Salisbury College and the ethical issues that arise while solving them. The research proposal presents an overview of the literature that would be adopted for the course of this research along with the methodology, ethics, and research design further accompanied by the final resources (bibliography) of the books that would be used for this research.
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International Students
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Download file to see previous pages These students' first language is Arabic and they were selected in their respective states for tuition at this college.
As getting into Salisbury college was not a decision made by these individuals themselves hence they did not follow the normal procedure of submitting an application, which would have involved contact with Student Services, which would have helped them arrange their visas, police registration and other details. Due to all this they have several issues that includes isolation as their level of English is poor, no arrangements made to have them interacting with the other students of the college. This also reflects from their behavior at the college.
This research proposal will notify the appropriate way to handle these students and will help in finding out the main causes of their problems and how to solve them. It will also help in finding out what ethical issues are arising while implying the rules and regulations that are implied on any international student at Salisbury College.
The research philosophy of this project would be making it more quantitative rather than being qualitative. There are several reasons for this philosophy. The major reason being that it would be difficult to communicate with the students as their English is weak i.e. communicating with them would be not very easy and a conflict might arise in what they are telling and what we interpret. Therefore, analysing numeric data and leaving non-quantitative data would be more meaningful and applicable for further and future research. However, the utilization of all numeric data would also have certain issues, hence qualitative data will also be analysed.
Another reason for emphasizing on numeric data is because all qualitative data leads to difficulty in comprehension and analyses, and thus, the conclusions and outcome becomes highly judgmental in nature. The judgmental approach may reveal biased outcome based on the observer knowledge and expertise.
The data collection methodology would comprise of both the secondary published data along with the primary data thus the research would be a comprehensive mixture of primary and secondary research resources. The secondary research would not just include the journal data but also the published books available on the topic as well as the articles and other research data that has been written across the world on the topic. Different methods used by different international colleges will also be studied in order to get the clearest picture of the scenario. The primary data would be collected by conducting interviews, making the students fill out simple close-ended questionnaires ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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