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Main Aspects of International Students Bankruptcy - Essay Example

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The author of this essay describes "Main Aspects of International Students Bankruptcy" outlines bankruptcy among international students in the United States, the main reasons for it, and ways of solving this problem. …
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Main Aspects of International Students Bankruptcy
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Extract of sample "Main Aspects of International Students Bankruptcy"

Download file to see previous pages The disparities between the exchange rates of the United States dollar and the currencies of the respective countries from where the students come from also contribute to financial problems among the international students. This essay highlights the problem of bankruptcy among international students in the United States. In addition, the essay will assess how students can avoid the problem of bankruptcy.
In the recent past, the United States has experienced an influx of students from foreign countries and this has led to an increase in the number of international students. The American education system accommodates students from various parts of the world and is regarded as one of the best education systems. While studying, international students have more financial problems compared to local students. This is because they have no access to loans since they are not American citizens. As a result of financial difficulties, most foreign students have been forced to file for bankruptcy. As such, they cannot pay for any loans that they could have gotten from their fellow students or even take more loans since they are bankrupt (Kaplin and Barbara 675).
International students experience difficulties in acquiring work permits; in fact, most of them do not work for more than 20 hours a week. Most of the jobs available on the campus are only offered to students who study under the federal program. With the many restrictions, international students in the United States continue to experience endless financial problems whose solution does not easily come by. Since they have few options, the students choose to file bankruptcy and this shields them from being held legally accountable for any amounts they might have borrowed whether in their home country or in the United States (Lipson 268).
Although the education and loan policy in the United States does not give international students an opportunity to get loans, there are students who are still eligible for loans. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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