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Personality change of international students after studying in North American schools - Essay Example

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Every year individuals from different countries of the world migrate to North America for various reasons whether to seek new opportunities, advanced studies, or for better life styles. Migration of people comprises individuals belonging to different age groups, some seek job…
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Personality change of international students after studying in North American schools
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Extract of sample "Personality change of international students after studying in North American schools"

Download file to see previous pages Depending upon the geographical location, individuals are fluent with their native languages but with the advent of globalization, English has become an international language of communication in every career option. The motive to have education in the English-speaking nations is to acquire knowledge, develop understanding for latest technologies, as well as the experience to be ahead and be informed about the trends. Such students reap the benefits of getting education in America, when they move back to their own nations with better knowledge as compared to their peers who procured education in their own nations, these international students are competent enough to have better career prospects.
Adolescent is the critical period of life and enormous physical and emotional changes start occurring as a child hits puberty. All these transformations are attributed to the hormones secreted from their reproductive organs. These hormones have direct implications on the physical appearance, cognitive and mental development. Apart from these physical changes which are natural and bound to happen, children have to adjust as well as cope with an unfamiliar environment such as new school, new housing, new friends, etc. A kind of cultural shock may be witnessed by these children (Winkelman, 1994). This is a phase where majority of the children face an emotional turmoil and amalgamation of diverse thoughts takes place; encompassing anxiety, feelings of frustration, alienation and anger which are accredited to numerous stressors when a person is exposed to a new culture. Things may diverge from their expectations and impression they apprehended before coming to a foreign land. The practical adjustment is different as compared to the understanding about the foreign country that is developed by a child through media, movies, television, newspapers, magazines etc. Staying for a prolonged interval, for studies or for job is entirely different when compared with the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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