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A Principal of a Suburban School and Disadvantaged Students - Essay Example

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The paper describes observation during the teaching experience has been that the participation of students in learning activities that are largely unequal. The weaker students tend to shy away from volunteering in classroom activities. It is my principle to make all the students participate equally…
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A Principal of a Suburban School and Disadvantaged Students
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"A Principal of a Suburban School and Disadvantaged Students"

Download file to see previous pages Teaching is a noble profession which demands a responsible approach in every aspect of its planning and delivery. It is important that a teacher is aware of his or her ethical responsibility for delivering quality knowledge. In my teaching career with adult ESL learners in..., I realized that for adult learners to acquire maximum knowledge from the teaching sessions, their complete psychological involvement in the learning processes must be ensured. My experience shows that the exhaustive nature of the subjects that I taught makes the students lose attention in due course. I found it as a challenge to keep their attention focused on the learning process. So as to face this challenge, I employed an innovative approach by trying to make the learning process enjoyable. I included a number of activities within the teaching methodology which was integrated with the learning objectives. Activities like games and group activities were tried which made sure that the learners while enjoying the process were more comfortable engaging in the learning process. The activities were given a competitive nature to entertain the students and to maintain their attention. Prizes were given for the winners, which retained their interest.For long sessions, activities involving physical movements were incorporated. Short icebreakers and warm up activities involving quick movements helped to keep the energy levels maintained. I have found these very useful as it brings in a cheerful atmosphere in the classroom. However, this activity has the limitation that it demands adequate space and facility. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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