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This research study “Design in Context of Physical Education” outlines resource design in context of physical education. There are wide array of resources which can be accessed by individuals who are a part of physical education field…
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Design in Context of Physical Education
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Design in Context of Physical Education
This study outlines resource design in context of physical education. There are wide array of resources which can be accessed by individuals who are a part of physical education field. Learning techniques are completely different for those individuals undertaking physical education. Sources required for physical education area are books, journals, websites, etc. These sources need to be stored properly in order to deliver maximum outcomes.
2.1 Principles of resource design
Principles of research design in educational field encompass exploring possibilities for establishing learning or teaching environments. Theories are developed based on instruction and learning techniques. Design knowledge is eventually consolidated in order to deliver required results. Resource design is closely knitted with enhancing capacity in context of educational innovation (Ashcroft and James, 1998). Design principles are shared amongst teachers so that they are able to resolve problems efficiently.
2.3 Models, theories and principles of curriculum design
System’s approach is an effective model in curriculum design. It is associated with learner’s abilities. In the initial stage behaviour of learner is analyzed and then content is sequenced accordingly. Achievement criteria are assessed in the final stage of the model. Principles of inclusive curriculum design is in terms of flexible teaching methods such as group work, e-learning, lectures, lab work, tutorials, etc. Inclusive curriculum design also needs to encompass flexible assessment methods and teaching materials. On the other hand, course materials and program requirements also should be available in given time frame.
2.4 Resource adaptation ways
Resources can be adapted in two different ways such as transforming them into real time practice and designing curriculum based on such resources (Walklin, 1990). Physical education resources are a vital component to structure entire curriculum.
This analysis highlights curriculum and resource design. Resource design mainly includes accessing all those resources which are productive for specialist area. Inclusive curriculum design has been evaluated in this study. This form of design is highly flexible and can incorporate required changes as and when required.
2.2 Evaluating sources
Resource development can be facilitated through primary and secondary sources. These sources are usually web sources or consulting fitness experts. Appropriate information can be obtained from these sources which help in understanding key requirements. Web sources provide latest updates on fitness that might be applied in specialist area of physical education. Resource development is all about building a large base of resources required during learning physical education. These sources are expected to be journals, websites and books. These sources are useful since it includes scholarly articles. Books and journals would provide quality information on physical education and can be easily accessed from libraries. Websites provide current information and trends on physical education. This shall be helpful in terms of designing innovative physical exercises.
2.5 Resource design
Emerging technologies suggest technology based resources like web sources, gym technologies and consulting fitness experts across the globe (Becta, 2014). These resources would help to mitigate learner’s need because it is closely knitted with modern techniques of physical education. Resources designed for my specialist area are power point presentations, photographs of activities or equipments, handouts, etc. Photographs of these resources have been outlined in figure 1.
Figure 1: Physical education equipments
2.6 Resource employment to meet or engage individual needs
Learning resources shall enable to gather sufficient knowledge. Modern technologies would address learner’s needs. Resources would be different for wide array of exercises. Basketball, volleyball, etc., shall require a proper court. On the contrary, organizing race for students would need designing a proper race track.
Ashcroft, K. and James, D., 1998. The Creative Professional: learning to teach 14-19 year olds. New York: Falmer.
Becta, 2014. British educational communications and technology agency. [Online] Available at: [Accessed 3rd July 2015].
Walklin, L., 1990. Teaching and learning in further and adult education. London: Stanley Thornes. Read More
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