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A Change in the Curriculum for Children with Moderate Disabilities - Essay Example

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 The writer of this essay discusses transformation in the present curriculum for children with moderate disabilities in kindergarten and the school. The entire content of the curriculum should cater to the needs of all children. The writer of this essay considers his role as a special educator…
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A Change in the Curriculum for Children with Moderate Disabilities
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Extract of sample "A Change in the Curriculum for Children with Moderate Disabilities"

Download file to see previous pages Children with moderate disabilities have certain skills, which can be enhanced through a change in the curriculum. Our present system of education has also identified a need for this revolution in the curriculum.  Therefore every individual who is directly or indirectly involved in dealing with children should contribute towards the development of the content in a syllabus. I foresee an immense amount of change in my role as a special educator with the implementation of the new curriculum. It will enlighten me about various innovative strategies of imparting education and have its own implications on my career as an educationalist.
Since a child learns the basics during the first few years of education, our syllabus should emphasize a change right from the elementary school. The new curriculum will be designed to meet the challenges of future education of children considering the loopholes in the present pattern of the syllabus. The curriculum should cater to the developmental needs such as the emotional, social, physical and intellectual requirement of children. Multiage grouping is one of the concepts that may be introduced in the future. It refers to the integration of students from diverse backgrounds, abilities, interests, personalities, and ages in a single classroom. Therefore, this set up offers more opportunities for a different segment of children to interact with each other. It also teaches normal children to develop a sense of caring, understanding and accommodating nature because they interact with children having various disabilities. It also enlightens them about the kind of concerns that such children face every day and the measures to deal with it. It makes them more competent to deal with such children. The introduction of multiage grouping will eliminate the concept of a conventional graded classroom. Due to the absence of graded level education, the related labels associated with it will not be applicable. The students will progress from easier to difficult learning material based on their individual capabilities. Hence, they will continuously progress rather than being promoted yearly. There will also be flexibility in the expectations of each child due to their varied competencies. [Johnson, 1998]. In addition to multiage grouping, there will be efforts made to integrate technology into education. There is a lot of controversy about this concept of fusing technology into education however I think there will be the implementation of new and useful education technologies. This will ensure the learning of new concepts in an interesting manner. This will also help children in actively exploring, experimenting and learning through innovative techniques and methods. The new curriculum will stress physically exploring various concepts. There are several such activities already in place for Kindergarten children to make learning an interesting task. For instance, building with blocks, digging in sandboxes, and drawing new ideas.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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