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Physical Education - Essay Example

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The national education curriculum has globally embraced physical education as a central component of their education system. This essay reviews the existing evidence concerning physical education in relation to Spiritual, Intellectual, Moral, Social, and Cultural Development of Pupils…
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Extract of sample "Physical Education"

Download file to see previous pages From the discussion it is clear that these three dimensions determine a person’s Quality of Life. As a result, the health and medical care increasingly target physical education because of its strong correlation with physical health. A study by Marmot et al. posits that improved QoL correlates with reduced illnesses and other health issues, and it reduces costs in treatment of the ailments. As a result, including physical education in the curriculum is a productive way of implementing healthy lifestyle for these pupils.This study highlights that exercising helps a pupil develop both the understanding and knowledge of their body’s performance, and most of the times the students remain amazed by their body’s abilities. This development brings about endurance, which links to the Christian value whereby a pupil shows endurance when exploring his or her body’s capabilities. Creativity, expression of feelings and emotions come out right during dance and sports among other gymnastics. Students may build a positive mindset that promotes progression if allowed to have a reflection time to evaluate their experiences. In addition, these students will see a sense of admiration and respect when observing elite performance from professional athletes and their peers. The physical education promotes healthy lifestyle and healthy living is vital for every student. During fair play, a student develops the ability to identify right from wrong in the sporting events, and especially during competition. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Physical Education

... to pursue their strength training or their love for a sport and will continue to work on their strength for that reason. Out of the most disciplines of physical education, biology appeals to be the most. Biology appeals to me the most since it is about body chemistry and how to stay healthy at all levels which is beneficial for all. Biology gives me a better understanding of the human body chemistry. A person interested in this discipline can be biologist, biology teacher, or a lab assistant. Further education and experience may be needed. Works Cited "Councillor Lawn's Proposal for a Recreation Center in Watertown." Upload & Share PowerPoint presentations and documents. N.p., n.d. Web. 6 July 2011.
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Physical Education

...ivities used as punishment and/or behavior management tools is a “quick fix” that actually might discourage the behavior it is intended to elicit. They have perceived that using negative consequences to change behavior suppresses the undesirable behavior only while the threat of punishment is present. It is not a long-term or permanent fix as it does not teach self-discipline or address the actual behavior problem of the students. Thus, student behavior patterns are not changed. 4. There are several strategies or techniques that could be used to address a behavior issue in a physical education class. Students may be included in establishing expectations and outcomes early in the year, and to review those expectations and outcomes...
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Physical Education Research Paper

..., and there is no one factor that can be directly attributed to the condition. Even though there is wide range of factors, this paper will focus on the major causes. The first major factor is dietary which has been cited to cause obesity not only in children but among the adults as well (Kopelman 14). In the modern world, food is not only considered as a source for physical nourishment but also as a source of pleasure among the majority of society’s population. Various studies have shown that consumption of highly caloric food, dairy products, and carbonated drinks among others have been on the rise thus greatly contributing to increasing prevalence of obesity (Keller 178). The other major cause of obesity is sedentary habits and little...
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Physical Education

... its aspects. Reciprocal teaching style is among the most widely used teaching approach in physical education. In this teaching style, the teacher deals with the learning objectives and class content while the students take responsibility of teaching each other (Virgillo 1997). This teaching approach combines well with either visual or auditory learning styles. When in combination with either visual or auditory learning style, this approach assists in delivering national PE curriculum in several ways. One of the ways is that it enables students’ participation in curriculum delivery thus enhancing curriculum understanding. Another way is that they make curriculum delivery more student-centered thus ensuring that everything delivered...
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Health and Physical Education

... we make it safe? Include the link to the most appropriate Curriculum Activity Risk Management Guidelines The category that works for this is Bat and Ball Games. Rational for the Inclusion of Health and Physical Education in the School Curriculum Part of educating students for the future is making sure that they have a broad understanding of their bodies and how to take care of them for the long term. Through health and physical education in the school curriculum, children learn how their health can be addressed as well as how to move and stay active towards sustaining their health. The education system is dedicated to training the minds of the youth of the nation towards fulfilling...
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Physical Education

... literacy also includes the ability to read what is going on around them in an activity setting and react appropriately." It provides very pleasant opportunities for pupils to learn independently and to work co-operatively. In secondary schools however, there are different value orientations among the teachers and pupils too, on the role of physical education. According to the audio English dictionary, value orientations are the principles of right and wrong that are accepted by an individual or a social group. Physical education influences and reflects the values of society, and the kind of society we desire to have. It is vital, therefore, to accept and recognize a set of common values and purposes in the school curriculum that is broad...
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Physical Education

...Week 2: Answer The reduction in all - cause mortality risk with physical activity is most dependent on the leisure time non-vigorous/vigorous physical activity. The reduction of risk depends on the factors such as number of hours of physical activity per week and various physical activities other than walking alone. It is normally suggested that an individual takes up 2.5hours/week of physical activity to reduce all-cause mortality risk. Answer 2: With the increase in volume of the vigorous/non-vigorous physical activity the all-cause mortality risks decreases. Thus there is an inverse linear dose – response relation between volume of physical activity and all-cause mortality rates in men and women. The more the calories spent...
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Physical Education Effects

... and performance in the classroom. According to Active Living Research, “In schools across the United States, physical education has been substantially reduced—and in some cases completely eliminated—in response to budget concerns and pressures to improve academic test scores.” State funds dictate the extent of education students receive in the state of Georgia. “Budgetary constraints and increasing pressure to improve standardized test scores have caused school officials to question the value of PE and other physical activity programs. This has led to a substantial reduction in the time available for PE, and in some cases, school-based physical activity programs have been completely eliminated.” (Active Living Research). The purpose...
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Physical Education Observation

...Physical Education Observation Evident from my observation in the middle school, the physical education teacher was a female head coach with the basketball team. This was a good example of gender equality because in most schools the position of a head coach is only preserve for males because they feel that they perform better in sports. This is wrong because from what I observed in the middle school, the female coach was doing exemplary good job, hence the team had great potential to perform better. I noticed some biasness from the coach towards the team, for instance, she would make boys’ team go through heavy basketball drills than girls would. Girls would just do the best they could without much pressure. This sounds more like gender...
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Value of Physical Education

...& Rosengard, (1999, p.127) point out, “Physical educators are continually trying to justify the value of their work to avoid cuts or elimination of requirements and funding”. In order to highlight the importance of physical education, a link to academic performance would be influential. The purpose of this study is to discover if there is a relationship between Fitnessgram test scores and CAT/6 test scores. The literature review will examine the effect physical fitness may have on academic performance. The majority of the literature was obtained through the GOOGLE Internet search engine, ProQuest, ERIC and the National University online library. Some...
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