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Controversial issues in education - Is home education beneficial for children - Essay Example

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The system allows the parent to guide the children in various aspects of education depending on the guidelines of a particular state (Mur, 2003). Home schooling is a common…
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Controversial issues in education - Is home education beneficial for children
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Download file to see previous pages Home schooling allows the parents to determine the content of the syllabus based on the legal and social provision of a particular state. Various education bodies in the country monitor the conduct of both parents and children in order to ensure the children acquire adequate and appropriate education (Lampmt and Wuthnow, 2008).
The concept of home schooling started in 1970s after some educators begun encouraging the parents to conduct tuition for their children at home. Educators and researchers such as Raymond Moore, Dorothy and John Holt led the home schooling movement (Sheng, 2013). The individuals conducted massive campaigns in various schools, media and households encouraging the parents to adopt the home schooling system in order to reduce the cost of education. In addition, they encouraged the parents to utilise home schooling as an avenue for enhancing their relationships with the children (Collom, 2002).
The arguments of the researchers were based on the idea that the traditional public and private school environment interfered with the morality of the children. In addition, the scholars highlighted that children concentrate more under the supervision of their parents than under the teachers’ guidance. The idea of home schooling continues to grow significantly in United States because most parents prefer to tutor their children at home. Research indicates that most of the young generation parents prefer home schooling their children in order to enhance their morality and quality of education. In addition, other parents engage their children in home schooling system in order to uphold particular religious beliefs in the society (Mur, 2003). For example, Muslim families in United States educate their children at home in order to incorporate the religious concepts in their training (Aurini and Davies, 2005. Additionally, parents ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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