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E-books, Libraries, and Hard Cover Books - Essay Example

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This paper “E-books, Libraries, and Hard Cover Books” will revolve around how publishers gave libraries the rights to purchase and distribute paperback books and the licensing model. It gives a background of how librarians and publishers have existed as mutual partners for the longest time…
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E-books, Libraries, and Hard Cover Books
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Extract of sample "E-books, Libraries, and Hard Cover Books"

E-books, Libraries, and Hard Cover Books
Main body
The first paragraph will review what has happened in the past, in which publishers and librarians became inseparable and mutually beneficial partners. Their past productive relationship will form the main point in this paragraph. The detailed discussions will revolve around how publishers gave libraries the rights to purchase and distribute paperback books and the revenue and licensing model. This will be discussed to give a background of how librarians and publishers have existed as mutual partners for the longest time. Librarians have promoted th sale of paperback books by publishers since people are likely to buy books they have reviewed briefly. For example, a library member can borrow a big book and not be through within the stipulated borrowing time, say for two weeks. Alternatively, they may be interested in having a look at the material in the book again; for instance reading a certain title over and over again. This will lead them to want to buy the title for keeps, increasing publisher sales. This chapter will then be concluded by summarizing the main points.
The second paragraph will give an overview of the current points of departure between publishers and librarians. This will form the main point of this paragraph and will further discuss in details the causes of conflicts. The paragraph will then discuss the reasons as to why publishers are jittery over the idea of selling e-Books to librarians. It will discuss the motivating factors behind the reluctance of publishers to give librarians complete leeway in handling e-Books the same way they let the same librarians market and lend paperback books. The main fears of publishers will be discussed, for example, a feeling that they will lose out on revenues if librarians have unfettered rights to purchase and distribute books. This chapter will progress by by discussing the reasons and possible reasons why publishers want the buying and lending model changed being that the content if now in electronic e-Book form and not the usual paperback books. The paragraph will then be concluded by summarizing the main points.
The third paragraph will discuss the reasons why there is a conflict between publishers and librarians, from the point of view of the librarians. This will be the main point for this paragraph and will expound the main in details. The details will discuss the librarians’ revenue model for selling the paperback books and the model they use for the e-Books. The point at which this creates disagreements and conflicts with publishers will also be discussed. For instance, the fact that e-Books have no wear and tear or possible loss, and creates convenience for library patrons in that they don’t have to go to the library physically to review or even borrow a book. The benefits that librarians confer publishers will be discussed. The sources of information to be used will e verifiable scholarly sources such as journals and books that have done preliminary research. The paragraph will be concluded by reviewing the main points
The fourth paragraph will discuss the general market trends; special focus will be put on the continuing digitization and mobility where many more people are increasingly using devices like tablets, e-Book readers, and even smart phones to read material. The concept of e-Books being software will also be discussed before the paragraph is concluded
The fifth paragraph will be a solution proposal to break the impasse between librarians and publishers. The concept of software as a service (SaaS) will be discussed to give comparisons with e-Books. A solution will then be proposed for a new revenue model in which the e-Books are treated as software which the publishers can charge based on use or license, just like in SaaS (Bidgoli 248). The section will then be concluded.
The sixth paragraph will be a conclusion of the major findings of the paper and the solution that can help publishers get money and allow librarians to make money lending e-Books and resolve the present impasse.
Works Cited
Bidgoli, Hossein. Mis2. Boston, MA: Course Technology Cengage Learning, 2012. Print. Read More
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E-Books, Libraries, and Hard Cover Books Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
“E-Books, Libraries, and Hard Cover Books Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words”, n.d.
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