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The author of the following paper states that this essay aims to analyze and critically evaluate the book “The Sum of the satisfactions – Canada in the Age of National Accounting” written by “Duncan McDowall” in 2008. Duncan McDowall is a National Business Book award-winning historian. …
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The Sum of the Satisfactions by Duncan McDowall

Extract of sample The Sum of the Satisfactions by Duncan McDowall

Download file to see previous pages The book “the sum of the satisfaction” has been translated in French also. In this book, he has made a tremendous effort to trace the journey of the development of the Canadian National accounting system (Safari, p1). The following essay first summarizes the book to present a concise overview of its contents and then analyzes the accuracy and authenticity of the facts, clarity of the arguments and effectiveness of the message that the author has conveyed in the book.
Duncan McDowall was commissioned by the National Accounts Advisory Committee to write a book about the history of the Canadian national accounting system after conducting detailed research on this topic (Safarian, p2). He has conducted extensive historical research to cover all the important aspects and features of the development of the national accounting system and the outcome of this research are presented in form of this book. He also did the interviews of some notable accountants and included the acquired facts in the book that make the book more valuable, lively, interesting and authentic because these interviews allow feeling the issue more closely.
The book is an appreciation to the Canadian statisticians. The author believes that the Canadian statisticians have performed an outstanding role in creating an economically stable society having increased national wealth. The author continues with the approach of the Nobel laureate Paul Samuelsson regarding the Canadian national accounting and insists that the Canadian statisticians have played a prominent role in positioning the national accounting as the great invention of the twentieth century. He thoroughly reviews the history of the development of accounting standards in the country and presents the fact, figures and analysis of different issues in the book. The book expresses the desires of the Canadian accountants to move beyond the traditional system and to invent a comprehensive accounting system for the country. ...Download file to see next pagesRead more
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