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Describe a time when you gained self-satisfaction from benefiting someone else/serving others - Essay Example

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Most people would rather attend to tasks that would see them benefitting themselves too rather than just satisfying the clients’ requests as they would regard it as total wastage of time. However, there can be self satisfaction from serving others genuinely and freely…
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Describe a time when you gained self-satisfaction from benefiting someone else/serving others
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Download file to see previous pages Narrowing down to a personal level, I once gained unexplainable level of satisfaction just from attending to one lost kid’s needs on the streets who could not retrace his way home for two days. The 7 year old kid had wavered away from his mum while they were out for a walk in town. I bumped into this starving kid in a restaurant who most had been assumed by many people. It’s not that I was idling on the street either, but I felt it necessary to show some concern for the poor kid. I invited him to my table where he ate to his fill and later took him to the police station where the parents were contacted and the lost kid found. It warmed my heart seeing the kid hug the parents he had missed so much joyfully. I smiled as I walked away, so proud of the simple gesture of love I had shown to the young ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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