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When Self-Loss Is Not Chosen Consciously and How Might It Retain Its Beneficial Character - Term Paper Example

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This paper focuses on why self-loss is helpful and holds its beneficial character even when not chosen consciously. The author states that if people are able to accept self-loss, not as a loss of being but as the breaking of the rigid cocoon named "ego", then self-loss would become a great state. …
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When Self-Loss Is Not Chosen Consciously and How Might It Retain Its Beneficial Character
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Extract of sample "When Self-Loss Is Not Chosen Consciously and How Might It Retain Its Beneficial Character"

Download file to see previous pages The question here is, what made the person feel scared or out of the place at the first instance? Even though the feeling lasted for a fraction of second, it is important to realize how other faculties of the brain came to the rescue of a sudden loss of sight. It is this characteristic of the brain constantly acting to the needs of mind that are discussed by Oliver Sacks in "The Minds Eye". If Karen Armstrongs' "Homo Religious" is analyzed and applied to the situation above, we will find that according to her, if a person is really conscious of his deeper self, he would never feel scared. Being scared is a primordial feeling that comes with "ego" that separates one entity from the other. The thought of "ego" being hurt by something unknown gives rise to fear (Armstrong 36). Martha Stout, however, presents a different outlook in When I Woke Up On Tuesday Morning, It Was Friday. Her study that focuses on the case studies of psychological patients she has handled shows how the loss of self ranging from a few moments to days together has caused patients to contemplate suicide. The state of self-loss is not something they reported to have enjoyed and would like to end. However, as pointed out by Martha, the phase of self-loss is an inbuilt defense mechanism developed by the brain to combat the forces of the brutal reality (Stout 383). This suggests an unconscious self-loss unlike the one mentioned in the other two essays. However, what all the three essays reveal is that loss of the self proves to be beneficial for the person, even when not chosen consciously. 

Before delving into the subject of how self-loss is beneficial, it is essential to understand what is actually meant by the word "self" and how the idea of it has changed through ages. While discussing the subject in "Homo Religious", Armstrong refers to the Aryan myth created by sages, "In the beginning, there was only a single person, who looked around him and discovered he was alone.    ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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When Self-Loss Is Not Chosen Consciously and How Might It Retain Its Term Paper.
(When Self-Loss Is Not Chosen Consciously and How Might It Retain Its Term Paper)
When Self-Loss Is Not Chosen Consciously and How Might It Retain Its Term Paper.
“When Self-Loss Is Not Chosen Consciously and How Might It Retain Its Term Paper”.
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