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The paper describes Boston University that is one of the institutions of higher learning with a very good medical school. Therefore, joining this institution will provide me with an opportunity to interact with sharp minds and people whom we share the same dreams…
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Boston University as One of the Institutions of Higher Learning
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Since I was young, I had been yearning to join a medical school which will enable me to achieve my long-term goal. Boston University is one the institutions of higher learning with a very good medical school. Therefore, joining this institution will provide me with an opportunity to interact with sharp minds and people whom we share the same dreams. In addition, the institution has invested heavily in research materials. Medical courses require extensive reading and research. Therefore, the university has the best platform to enable the students to carry out their researches. Moreover, it is well known for being the best university when it comes to sciences. This is because it has well equipped science laboratories, libraries, and other important facilities to support science courses. The school is also known for having highly qualified lecturers who are able to get the best out of the students. Therefore, being in this institution will be a rare opportunity to be taught and supervised by the best minds that we have in the country.
The location of the university meets my personal plans. The university is located in the city and near my house. This will lower my cost of being in the institution (Kydd 34). Beside the location, the university offers the best academic and consultations services that helps the student to choose the right classes that ensure that they succeeds in the medical school. Therefore, I am looking forward towards joining the alumni of this renowned institution who are known for their remarkable contribution towards making the society a better place to live in.
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