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Temple University HRM Recommendations - Research Paper Example

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Name Tutor Course Date Part 1: Company Profile/ Temple University Temple University is a completely public research university in Pennsylvania. The university was originally founded in the year 1884 by Russell Conwell. Russell Conwell was a Yale-educated lawyer from Boston…
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Temple University HRM Recommendations
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Download file to see previous pages However, the Temple College received the charter of incorporation only in the year 1988. Since then the university has evolved into one of the premier institutions for higher studies of the nation (Temple 1). The university is one of the country’s largest professional education providers. The university offers more than 300 academic degree programs. Temple University is one of the state-related universities of Pennsylvania. The number of total full-time faculty of Temple University is 1,935. On the other hand, the number of total part-time faculty is 1,501. The full-time employee strength of this university is 5,786. The university is the national center of superiority in research and teaching with an effective international presence. The university always tries to appoint talented faculty. Temple University’s 300 various academic programs provide excellent educational opportunity for academically highly motivated and talented students. The dramatic growth of the residential campus community and supreme diverse student population enrich the extracurricular and educational life of all the people belonging to Temple University. The university attracts students from across Pennsylvania through quality education and learning process. The university maintains international presence with campuses in Rome, Tokyo, Beijing, London and six other worldwide locations. In addition to these, the university offers 100 master’s degree and 48 doctoral programs (Hilty 292). The university tries to develop new knowledge that can improve the condition of human beings. Temple University sincerely maintains its commitment in retaining, supporting and recruiting excellent and knowledgeable faculty to achieve the institutional goal. In addition, the university supports the aspirations of talented and capable students. Part 2: Identified Problems In spite of huge popularity and reputation, the institution faced several HRM problems that can affect the learning environment of the university. (A) Employee Morale Recently Temple University is facing huge problem regarding morale of employees. Low employee morale is affecting the entire operational process. Negative perception and dissatisfaction with the work environment is forcing the employees not to perform effectively. The faculties, teaching staffs and employees of other department are constantly appealing to the board management to review their compensation and salary distribution process. In spite of significant hard work, the employees and staffs are not recognized effectively. In addition, several workplace conflicts are affecting the workplace environment. Most importantly, these conflicts are affecting the learning environment that may affect the future career of several students. Gender, age, color and compensation conflicts are increasing within the workplace of Temple University in Pennsylvania. First of all, the silent conflict between white and African American faculties is increasing at a rapid pace. This conflict is affecting the mentality of students (Cascio 23). Several surrounded conflicts are forcing the students to divert their attention from educational activities. The old workforce of Temple University is facing other problems regarding employment benefit, pension distribution and retirement benefit. Several young and old employees within the workforce are not satisfied with the employment benefit and compensation structure. In addition to the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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