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 The writer of this essay describes the position of an Intern to the firm. Currently, he is enrolled at Pratt Institute taking a course in Design. Besides, he has a proven leadership record of accomplishment as he has served in various school leadership positions. …
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The Position of an Intern to Firm
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The Position of an Intern to Firm
I express my desire to join your firm as an intern. I learned about your company through the Institutes Career and placement department.
Currently, I am enrolled at Pratt Institute taking a course in Design. Through my study, I have exhibited excellent academic performance in all design courses, achieving 3.0/4.0 GPA. The units I have accomplished so far offer me relevant knowledge and an established foundation for various design work. In addition, I have proven skills to solve challenging concepts. A tactic that has enabled me to develop competencies and prosper in many fields of work.
Besides, I have a proven leadership record of accomplishment as I have served in various school leadership positions. Your company is ideal for me because of its wide network and the scope of activities undertaken. Hence, I believe the corporation will grant me the platform to put into practice my technical and problem-solving abilities.
In addition to my aforementioned strengths, I possess excellent report drafting and presentation skills. I also have advanced computer knowledge, I am proficient in;
Adobe Photoshop Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Indesign Solid Works. Pro
3D Rendering Microsoft Word
Microsoft Excel Microsoft Power point
Microsoft Access Adobe Photoshop
Email and internet
Over the past, I volunteered at Sung-Ro Orphanage and served as an intern later in the following organizations;
LG R&D Campus
UNEP (United Nation Environment Programme)
Hansome Incorporation
My responsibility entailed design work, information dissemination, and customer handling respectively. Therefore, the experiences in these organizations have afforded the opportunity to familiarize with organizational structure. Moreover, I have gained practical working experience in different sectors; this makes me more suitable candidate for an internship position.
The attached resume further acquaints you with the specifics of my achievements and expertise. I will make a valuable team member if you consider my request.

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