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The characters are used to emphasize different attitudes associated with different characters in the workplace, often ignoring the other attributes in personality (Wojcik,…
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Extract of sample "Scrubs"

Scrubs due: Scrubs Character Archetypes: Boss • Informs new residents of "rules" - ruffling feathers
• Rule 5: Don’t Wake me - demands respect
• Questions Professors decision about surgery because believes intern has no chance at the hospital
• "You page me immediately"
Answer: Bob Kelso
Spunky Kid
• Wakes up Boss regardless of warning - shows moxie
• Doesnt believe she can perform procedures - lacks self-assuredness
Answer: Elliot Reid
• Welcomes all new interns to hospital
• Is always in the background during crucial moments
Answer: Bob Kelso
Bad Boy
• Talks down to a nurse
• Talks down to the Lost Soul
• Arrogantly misdiagnoses patient, yet doesnt believe they are wrong
Answer: Bob Kelso
Best Friend (usually opposite sex of the main character due to heterosexual norms of TV shows)
• Supported by others after failure in surgery
• Charmer (usually opposite sex of the main character due to heterosexual norms of TV shows)
• After being told just to leave, gives name and flirts
Answer: Christopher Turk
New to the hospital - mysterious
• When confronted with inappropriateness of the relationship, turns it around and playfully blames younger participant for seducing them – roguish
Answer: Elliot Reid
Lost Soul
• Tells one night stand to drop the act - no touchy-feely stuff
• Hides relationship with doctor and mothers illness - secret
• Can diagnose patient without examining the patient - "bad ass"
• Recites textbook example of a method for diagnosing post-surgery complications - "bad ass"
• Diagnoses two patients when other doctors cannot - "bad ass", did I say they were a bad ass?
Answer: John Michael "J.D." Dorian
• Picks a borderline intern to assist in surgery and explains reasoning
• Explains the procedure even when the resident messes up - sugar
• Removes intern from surgery when he doesn’t respond – dirt
Answer: Perry Cox
• Repeatedly asks to participate in surgery - relentless
• Tries to encourage the Best Friend
• Has to know why Lost Soul does not want to participate in surgery - does not tolerate dishonesty
• Feels bad about getting upset with Lost Soul of missed opportunity and apologizes - internal conflict / wont win at all costs
Answer: Christopher Turk
Characters Roles
The characters are used to capture the relationships that exist in the work place, but in a comical manner. The characters are used to emphasize different attitudes associated with different characters in the workplace, often ignoring the other attributes in personality (Wojcik, 2004). The comical approach incorporates responsibility, roles, and the masks that people in different positions have to wear to ensure results. According to the comedy, it is important that bosses put on a tough face to ensure that subordinates perform at their level best. In addition, the characters are used to describe the challenges associated with life, and the approach necessary to succeed, often incorporating help from others (Wojcik, 2004). The friend in the comedy is used to emphasize on the role played by a supportive entity in one’s life, considering challenges are eminent. Exaggeration of the characters is important to the show as it facilitates the creation of comic relief. Exaggeration contributes to the image of a character greater than life, which shows that humans are capable of adapting to accommodate different needs.
Wojcik, P. P. (2004). Movie Acting, the Film Reader. New York: Psychology Press. Read More
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