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In the paper “My Future as a Teacher: ISU” the author describes two career paths that have interested him and always wanted to go after. One of the career choices that interested him was nursing, particularly because of his older sister who attended ISU…
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My Future as a Teacher: ISU
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ISU Essay Since I was young, I have always had two career paths that have interested me and always wanted to goafter. One of career choices that interested me was nursing, particularly because of my older sister who attended ISU and told us of how much she enjoyed it. Her and I have always been close and, not only did she inspire me to pursue nursing, she also informed me that ISU would be the best place to pursue it. My second career path as a young person was to be a teacher, especially since most of my teachers from elementary school to high schools have always commented on how satisfying and interesting their job is. Probably the most important goal in life is to find something that I enjoy and love doing, as well as something that I would enjoy for the rest of my adult life. I believe that this can be accomplished if I undertook studies in the education field.
I enjoy being around and working with people and can view my future as a teacher. With regards to ISU, teaching and nursing are probably the two most well-known majors offered here, which informs my decision that ISU fits my needs. I believe that ISU will aid me in accomplishing my life’s educational objectives, while I have also visited the institution numerous times and feel that I can fit there socially. I also feel that ISU is the best place to improve on my practical skills and skills, while also networking with other people in nursing. Being involved, feeling comfortable around the ISU campus, and fulfilling my major aspirations will all, in combination, motivate me to be more hardworking. In my mind, ISU is the best place to achieve these goals. Read More
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