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Real Life Research Action - Assignment Example

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Real Life Research Action THESIS STATEMENT In this paper, the viewpoints of two scholar practitioners, viz. Johnny Briseno, the principal of Rancho Isabella Elementary, Angleton ISD and Dr. Kirk Lewis, the Superintendent of Pasadena ISD will be considered for review…
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Real Life Research Action
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Download file to see previous pages PART 1 With respect to the first scholar, i.e. Dr Briseno one of the vital topic that the leader has discussed is the importance of facts. In this regard, the importance of qualitative data has been mentioned. Additionally, the leader has also mentioned the ways technology has been accepted in data recording as well as interpretation and also for the results to be shared with major schools in the district from a futuristic point of view to conduct research studies. He also suggested that division of the best child within the campus can also help in motivating others’ child. One of the vital suggestions that the leader has described thereafter emphasises the need of studying more and more on the research topic as it would help in understanding the importance and the different aspects that would make the research more effective. The leader here tries to explain how maintaining a proper set of data can help in analysing the present situation with the past. It is also worth mentioning that an effective research can only be conducted when elaborated and rigorous studies are conducted before finalizing the outcome. With respect to the details provided by the second scholar, Dr. Lewis, one of the vital aspects that he discussed concentrated on the importance of recording data. The leader has tried to explain how data stored helps in ensuring the performance of any individual. Additionally, Dr. Lewis has also stated the importance of detailed, formal procedure to be followed while conducting a research. One of the vital suggestions given by Dr. Lewis in this context advocated that although formal and detailed procedure is needed to be followed while conducting a research, the final result should be published in such a way, which will permit easy and appropriate interpretation of the purpose of the research to the reader. The leader also stressed on the fact that evaluating the findings obtained through past researched when conducting a new study shall be quite beneficial in deriving a generalised understanding regarding the issue in concern. PART 2 1. Staff development: With the advent of modern techniques and theories in a working environment, it is not only businesses that are involving their employees while making vital decisions but academic centres are also adapting new techniques to develop the qualities of their staff members with a vision to gain efficiency in making effective decisions for the overall benefit of the campus. It has been viewed that today’s schools are more focused on Career and Technical Education (CTE). CTE mainly focuses on developing the technical skills of an individual. In this context, it can be stated that teachers and their qualifications are considered to be a vital element in the success of a school to deliver effective knowledge on CTE to the students. Therefore, developing their skills would help in establishing a coordinated relation amid their pupils resulting in better achievements of the students (Dana 32-34). 2. Curriculum development: Curriculum is considered to be an organized planning of the facets to be taught in a school within a calendar year or a specific tenure. Curriculum development is considered to be a vital step of any academic centre as it guides the teachers in assisting the students to learn in the most convenient way, so that the process yields a guaranteed positive return. In this context, the academic centre can design, develop, implement, monitor and evaluate the various factors that can help in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Real Life Research Action Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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