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These differences actually make the identity of any person. There are many other factors, which also affect the identity of any person…
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Download file to see previous pages... We can say that a contemporary society is based on these characteristics of people. A contemporary society is the place where people having similar interests interact with each other and thus mutually shares their thinking and ideas (Hobson 2012). In this research essay, we will discuss all the factors, which actually construct a contemporary society, in brief. The main focus of consideration will be social classes and the Race, as the main constituents of construction of a society.
Gender is very important factor for making the identity of any person. There are huge differences in the behavior of a man and a woman. Many philosophers are of opinion that gender identity has great impact on the society. The association between society and the gender identity is can be negative or positive depending on the situation. Gender roles are the responsibilities and the tasks which a male or female is assigned to do, while living in a society. 21st century is focusing on gender equality very much. The concept of gender equality arises because of certain differences and discriminations, which society keep between males and females. In short words, we should focus on maintenance of gender balance in the society so that no one feels inferior between other just because of his or her gender identity (Why Gender 2012; Kristina et al. 2009). Sexual orientation is another important factor for making a society identifiable form many other people. The basic difference between gender identity and sexual orientation is very slight in nature. Gender identity refers to the natural characteristics of any human being whereas sexual orientation refers to the inclination of human beings towards other people (Tando 2011: Litvine 2003).
Religion is another important factor or the characteristic, which constitute the base for making the identity of any human being in a contemporary ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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