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Que Onda Urban Youth Culture and Border Identity. BOOK - Essay Example

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Notably, this is the political principle that concerns specific issues, which descends from the ways of self-actualization that characterized the…
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Que Onda Urban Youth Culture and Border Identity. BOOK
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"Que Onda Urban Youth Culture and Border Identity. BOOK"

Download file to see previous pages This means that the concept of identity is the people’s way of life and its effects on the political choice and affiliation. The author went further to postulate that the person’s identity may post a great challenge in the way the community relates to power and politics (Bejarano, 2005). Indeed, the aspects are more evidenced in the struggles, which characterize the cultural practices and social institutions about their daily lifestyle.
In essence, the politics of identity determines the political direction along the boarder region (Bejarano, 2005). However, the fact that the cultural institutions and conditions in the area were extremely oppressive; it hindered the free articulation of the political situation. Notably, the only sign of relief on the politics of identity in the region would be a critical engagement and insight of the beliefs and cultural practices, considered to have significant impacts on the political players and scenes (Bejarano, 2005).
For the Latinas/os along the boarder region, some of the factors, which influence identity development, include historical, biographical, institutional, and socio-cultural contexts (Bejarano, 2005). Notably, all the factors have meaningful contribution to the believability, intelligibility and relevance to the social context in the boarder region.
On the historical factors, the Latinas/os have unique cultural beliefs that are considered to be controversial to the political development and affiliations, and the identity of the occupants (Bejarano, 2005). Notably, the historical oppression of the Latina/os could be traced from the American relationship with the Europeans. Though there were elements of multiculturalism in the region, the different groups of people, they had to hold their traditional cultural heritage as a form of identity (Bejarano, 2005). In addition, they had to acknowledge the oppression ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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