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The paper assesses Principal Jones’ approach to the introduction of change to the school’s faculty identifying instances that indicate…
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The Strategic Planning Process Scenario Analysis
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"The Strategic Planning Process Scenario Analysis"

Download file to see previous pages Eastern Hills’ capacity for change at the time Principal Jones assumed office was remarkable. The long tenures of the majority of the faculty are one important indicator of Eastern Hills’ capacity for change. Long tenures provide the faculty with essential knowledge that can work to the advantage of Principal Jones’ endeavor to bring about change in the school’s community. Responsiveness of the school and surrounding community is one other important attribute that points to the capacity for change for Eastern Hills (Green, 2013).
To assess Principal Jones’ approach to the introduction of change to Eastern Hills’ faculty, one would need to consider his devotion and commitment to analyze the faculty. This analysis helped establish such important information about the faculty including ethnic origin, tenure, and frequency of subject area change. Consideration of teacher evaluation is another important element in assessing Principal Jones’ approach of introducing change in the faculty. An instance that indicates the manner in which Principal Jones’ developed is the alertness that his ideas elicited in the members of the faculty. This alertness is seen in the questions that members of the faculty rose with him and one can already see the genesis of change (Green, 2013).
One of the things that illustrated Principal Jones’ knowledge and understanding of information sources is his selection of student records, proficiency test scores, state standards, disciplinary reports, attendance records, and curriculum guides as his sources of information. Mobilization of teachers to help compile data from these sources demonstrated his data collection skills. His initiative to analyze the data collected synthesizing it using tables characterizes his methodical strategies for program development. His creative way of informing the faculty of his intended plans and his provocative way of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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