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A that works on the education system to develop it as much as possible - Research Paper Example

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B. (2013).Determinants of Mobile Service Acceptance in Saudi Arabia: A Revised UTAUT Model, International Journal of E-Services and Mobile Applications (IJESMA), IGI Global, vol. 5(3), pages 43-61, July.
Research provide depths of understanding on the use of…
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A research that works on the education system to develop it as much as possible
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"A that works on the education system to develop it as much as possible"

Download file to see previous pages 1).” Researchers assert that the implication of the use of technology in moderating education by applying heuristics evaluation of mobile services in Saudi Arabia merit further investigation.
2. Gogu, E., Muresan, M., & Turdean, M. (2012). Academic Excellence through Research and Development of Higher Education Institutions at Domestic and International Level, Romanian Statistical Review Supplement, Romanian Statistical Review, vol. 60(2), pages 135-140.
Saudi Arabia have made a priority to establish world-class universities for academic excellence like Aisan countries. Saudi King Abdullah has allocated $ 10 billion for the new Science and Technology University like how U.S., China, European Union and Japan invested much on technology to improve education.
3. Hepbasli, A.& Alsuhaibani, Z. (2011). A key review on present status and future directions of solar energy studies and applications in Saudi Arabia. Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, Elsevier, vol. 15(9), pages 5021-5050.
The study on renewable energy in Saudi Arabia is relevant in exploiting renewable solar energy. Technology has been utilized to understand the development of solar-powered hydrogen-generation plant and in evaluating available sustainable energy for energy policy formulation. It included review of “solar radiation correlations, exergetic solar radiation, solar collectors, solar photovoltaic (PV) systems, solar stills, solar-powered irrigation, solar energy-related greenhouses, solar hydrogen, solar water desalination and solar energy education (p. 1)” The use of technology therefore is more apt in understanding the complexity of realities that are being subjected for classroom interaction and researchers.
4. Al-Zoubi, S., Al-Faqeeh, M. & Rahman, M.B. E. (2013). An Evaluation of Special Education Program in Saudi Universities According To National Standards," ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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