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Multimodles in Education - Research Paper Example

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This paper will speak about the implementation of multi-modals in education which is a solution that provides for the digital automation, recording, and maintenance of information to be studied by the students and it deals the need to set up excellence in the tasks needed for the accomplishment of effective learning…
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Multimodles in Education
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"Multimodles in Education"

Download file to see previous pages their use of technological tools in their academics and a majority of the students, some 50% rated themselves as basic, while 22% and 27% rated themselves as professional and advanced respectively (Alawami). These statistics can be said to show that a large number of students are competent enough in the use of technological tools to ensure that their learning process and environment is as comfortable as possible. It is well known that life in the current age is highly influenced by the era of technology, and the latter has come to play an important role in today's human social development. Based on this fact, it has become obligatory to take advantage of the modern technological facilities in aiding the development of education because to do otherwise would mean that there would be a considerable loss in the productivity of students in the modern age. There are, however, other hi-tech implements that can be made the most of in academics besides computers and each of these tools has its specific benefits and application. But while this may be the case, in order for the students to use these tools successfully, they should be familiar with the use of all types of computers as well as the Internet, and be able to interact with the techniques needed for the use of these tools. This has been the case in many academic institutions because when asked whether they had used some form of technology in their academic institutions before, all of the respondents stated that they had indeed used it. One of the greatest ideals that have come to be widely appreciated in the world today has been the development of educational technologies whose purpose has been the intended uniting of students from different cultures. Students from diverse cultures tend to have different ideas...
This paper approves that a lot of value should be placed in students through the development of technological empowerment programs, which ensure that they get the opportunity to advance in the use of the technology. This is the reason why students have to be taught in an environment that has multi-modals because those who study in such an environment are likely to know exactly how such technology works and will not need a lot of time to learn. It has been found that the students’ experience in the use of technology, which is likely to have been developed after years of using its different forms, tends to work in their favor when conducting their studies. In fact, it is very likely that such students will get work done faster than those who would have studied in an environment devoid of technology because technology, such as the internet, allows students to access the information that they desire almost instantly. The experience that students gain using technology in the classroom ensures that they know what it lacks and what it has and this enables them to work towards strengthening the knowledge they have gained further while also working towards using even more advanced technology to enhance their learning process.
This essay makes a conclusion that the increasing popularity of the use of multi-modals in education is because of the fact that it is most convenient since it enables individuals to easily access information at their own convenience. This is corroborated in a survey question asking students whether they had ever taken online classes before, and fully half of those who responded stated that they had indeed taken such classes. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Multimodles in Education Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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