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Studies on performance management - Case Study Example

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Based on the case study it can be clearly understood that Heather has a clear idea about her role as a trainer thus she is clear with her declarative knowledge. The reason for not being able to get good rating from trainees is simply because of her lack in procedural knowledge…
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Case studies on performance management
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Extract of sample "Studies on performance management"

Download file to see previous pages In order to improve her performance as a trainer we need to develop her procedural knowledge (Johnson, Star and Durkin, 2012).
One way of doing it can be recording a class that is being conducted by her and then once she gets over with it, we can ask her to have a look at it while we discuss the shortcomings of the class that was taken by her. In this way she will get a good understanding as where she is lacking behind and where she needs to improve further. Performance is a combination of the declarative knowledge in which a person has the informative knowledge of his or her job role and procedural knowledge in which the person needs to understand the complete ‘know-how ‘of doing the job. She needs to be aware that simply delivering a training module will not be sufficient for her trainees to learn. She needs to make sure that her trainees understand the concept and learn to apply them in their daily work schedule. Only then can training be called complete. In order to do so she needs to be aware of the fact that she has to be very friendly with her trainees so that they can freely ask her questions if they have a doubt.
She needs to have a two step process in her training module. The first step will be the lecture phase where she will be presenting or explaining the concept that needs to be learnt and understood by the trainees. This process will create a general understanding of the topics. She start her training with a brief introduction of the topics that will be discussed and then move onto the in depth study of the topics. In this section she should be open to questions and critics from the trainees. She needs to give them the leverage to be able to ask her questions no matter how stupid the question may be.
Once the delivery of the lecture is over she should move on to the next phase of the training which will be the discussion phase. The will be a more of two way discussion. She will try to understand to understand the topic from her ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Case Studies on Performance Management Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words.
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