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Summarize the articles - Essay Example

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The research establishes that most teachers want to use technology in their classrooms but are hampered by several problems (Wright &…
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Summarize the articles
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Summarize articles Article Teachers’ Use of Technology: Lessons Learnt from the Teacher Education Program to the room
This study focuses on the teachers’ perceptions on the use of technology in school five years after graduating from teacher education programs. The research establishes that most teachers want to use technology in their classrooms but are hampered by several problems (Wright & Wilson, 2011). The study identifies such problems as equipment problems, software availability and scheduling difficulties. Consequently, many teachers may conclude that technology integration in classrooms is not worthwhile. This research has various implications, the most notable being that additional emphasis should go into preparing teachers to think outside the box especially when faced with various setbacks (Wright & Wilson, 2011). It is also important for teacher trainers to adapt and familiarize themselves with emerging technologies that boost student engagement and participation in class.
Article 2: A Model of Junior High School Students’ Attitudes towards Technology
The purpose of this research was to establish, test and verify the attitudes of junior high school students towards the use of technology using the Attitudes Toward Technology Scale for Junior High School Students as developed in 2005 by Yu et al. The study was to specifically establish a model of junior high school students’ attitudes toward technology, determine the relevance of the model and analyze the correlations among the various factors in the model. These factors are based either in the affective domain or PATT and its related studies. (Yu et al, 2012). The study also identifies three theoretical schemes of attitude towards technology as perceived usefulness, perceived ease of use and behavior and intention use. The findings of this study show that identification with technology and experience with technology curricula were the primary factors influencing the students’ intentions to pursue careers in technology (Yu et al, 2012)
Wright, V. H. & Wilson, E. K. (2011) Teachers’ Use of Technology: Lessons Learnt from the Teacher Education Program to the Classroom. SRATE Journal, 20(2), 48-60.
Yu, K. C., Lin, K. Y., Han, F. N. & Hsu, I. Y (2012) A Model of Junior High School Students’ Attitudes towards Technology. Int. J Technol Des Educ, 22: 423-436. Read More
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