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This essay presents a rapid appraisal of articles about treating and preventing pressure ulcers. The writer aims to address a two-fold objective to wit: to summarize the articles; and to identify the different research elements such as design, methods, population, strengths, and limitations…
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Treating and Preventing Pressure Ulcers
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Download file to see previous pages The original review found no studies that would meet the inclusion criteria and that there was no statistically significant difference among groups in terms of pressure ulcer incidence. Further evaluation and studies need to be conducted regarding the effectiveness of risk assessment tools.
The randomized controlled trial was utilized as the design of the study. Methods include were the Braden pressure ulcer risk assessment tool and training, unstructured risk assessment and training, and unstructured risk assessment alone. The population included 256 people randomized by ward into three groups. The strengths of the study included the focus made on resolving biases such as sequence generation, allocation concealment, blinding, incomplete outcome data, selective outcome reporting, and extreme baseline imbalance. Limitations of the study include methodological limitations that prevent firm conclusions and unavailability of high-quality RCT evidence.
The article of Jaul (2010) discussed the pathogenesis of pressure ulcer development in the elderly (p. 311). Elderly were assessed in terms of comorbidities, risk factor, and management of pressure ulcers.The review found out the pressure ulcers were common problems of elderly in all types of healthcare settings. Immobility, nutritional deficiency, chronic diseases, and multisystem dysfunction predispose the elderly to the development of pressure ulcers. Factors related to the overall health status of the patients and the management done by health care practitioners affect the development and treatment of pressure ulcers.
The article is primarily a review; no research design stated. Methods employed were the review of literature and studies. There was no specific population stated but elderly in general. The vast majority of literature and studies were the strengths of the article. Limitations focused only on review of the risk factor, wound, pathogenesis, and management of pressure ulcers. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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