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California State University Long Beach - Admission/Application Essay Example

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The author of this essay entitled "California State University Long Beach" seeks to transfer to the college wherein the Electrical Engineering subject is included. Admittedly, the author is looking further towards updating my competency related to analysis and design…
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California State University Long Beach
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Extract of sample "California State University Long Beach"

Application Essay on Coomonapp
I characterize myself as imaginative, logical, creative and methodical. Many of my friends designate me as a nerd, which I hate and love as well. From my childhood days itself, I was curious about the way different things work around me. As days passed, my curiosity to understand complex things grew more and finally landed me up with an interest towards pursuing for electrical engineering education. Hence I chose engineering with electrical, as a major for my undergraduate study program. Since the high school days, I was always fascinated about how electrical equipment’s function and utilized in various domains. I tried to understand how electrical equipment’s impose extensive impact on our everyday activities. At certain times, I used to open up electrical equipment’s and small appliances to view their functionalities and utilities. I have studied various sorts of electrical and electronics related subjects with the intention of forming a strong base of understanding, which will further help me in getting a better grip of the concepts during the conduct of my under graduation study program in the field of electrical engineering. I also performed various projects related to this particular field, which eventually aided me in updating the knowledge and understanding over my subject of interest.
Moreover, being a under graduate student of Foothill College, I found that till now this college has provided me various platforms of learning and understanding in the field of electrical engineering. This college offers wide array of subjective and practical courses related to electrical engineering. These courses have significantly helped me to develop my understanding in the areas of ‘modern power systems, ‘transmission and distribution of generated electricity in building networks’, ‘concept of alternate current and direct current’, ‘electrical power infrastructure’, ‘motors and generators operation’,’ capacitors and inductors’, and ‘real and reactive power’. Through these courses, I successfully developed a strong base in the areas of electrical operations. Moreover, the practical sessions are also quite informative and structured in this college. I have also been on multiple field trips to different power systems and electrical grids and thus understood the practical work scenario (Foothill College, “COURSE OUTLINES”).
Above all these and after building up a strong base of my interested engineering subject, now I am looking further towards updating my competency related to analysis and design for better understanding of new technologies. For this reason, I am looking out for a transfer. In this similar concern, I gathered information about various advanced level courses based on electrical engineering offered by other colleges in California. Observably, multiple colleges segregate their courses into graduate, lower division and upper division categories. Advanced courses like ‘Advanced Engineering Mathematics for Electrical Engineers’,’ Network Theory’,’ ‘Linear Systems Analysis’, ‘High Speed Communication Circuits ‘and ‘Analog Signal Processing’ are currently in my interests list. Since these courses are currently not included in Foothill College’s course structure, therefore I am looking ahead for a transfer to other colleges wherein these subjects are included in their respective course structure (California State University Long Beach, “Electrical Engineering”).
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“Electrical Engineering”. California State University Long Beach. No Date. Web. 13 Feb. 2014. “Course Outlines”. Foothill College. 2013. Web. 13 Feb. 2014. Read More
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“California State University Long Beach Admission/Application Essay”, n.d.
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