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Higher Education in the State of California - Admission/Application Essay Example

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This paper deals with the education of California. Higher education in this state is unique from other higher education systems in the United States of America in regard to its structure. …
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Higher Education in the State of California
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Extract of sample "Higher Education in the State of California"

Download file to see previous pages The higher education structure of the state of California is designed in such a manner whereby top 1/3 students who have graduated from high school education are admitted to the one of the universities in the California University System. These students are admitted in a state government system whereby these students are offered student loans and fees at a subsidized level. The rest of the positions left in the universities are given to students who can sponsor themselves as long as they meet the minimum education requirements. This system has worked for many years thus making California one of the best states to undertake higher education. However, lately the California higher education system has been facing various setbacks that have resulted in the education system being in a crisis. One factor that has contributed that has contributed greatly to the current crisis that is facing the California Higher education system is budget cuts that have been done over the past years are catching up with the university despite the fact that many university leaders back then argued that this budget cuts from the state government would not affect the universities (Medina). Well, time has caught up with these officials proving their arguments to be strong. These budget cuts from the state government are seriously affecting the California University System in the following way. Firstly, the budget cuts have resulted in the universities incorporating the universities’ operation costs into tuition fees. This in turn results to students having to pay a lot of money which is becoming impossible considering the current economic crisis that is being experienced by most of the United States of America households. Another way that budget cuts have affected the higher education system in the state of California is that Universities are forced to cut back on programs such as summer tuition due to the fact that f are no longer available as a result of the budget cuts from the state government. The crisis in the higher education system in the state of California is already bad. Something must be done not only by the state government but also the federal government to ensure that the state of the California University system does not head for a disaster. This will be unfortunate since the system is one of the renowned university systems around the world. I am a citizen of turkey where upon completing my high school education, I decided to peruse higher education from the University of California. The University of California was my choice of university to undertake my undergraduate program since I had done some research and found that the state had to offer some of the best universities in the United States of America. For instance, according to 4 International Colleges and Universities, the University of California was the fourth best university in the United States of America ( While undergoing my undergraduate program, I have had the chance to experience the crisis facing the California state university system first hand for instance; fees have increased more than 30 percent since 2012. This can be attributed to the fact that the University of California’s main source of income is tuition fees rather than funds from the state government (Medina). Another problem that I have noticed is facing the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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