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Earthquake Dangers to the California State East Bay Campus - Research Paper Example

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The paper "Earthquake Dangers to the California State East Bay Campus" discusses that when the earthquake of large magnitude is imminent in Hayward, it requires having a good preparedness to reduce the loss of life, economic disruption, personal injuries and property loss…
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Earthquake Dangers to the California State East Bay Campus
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Extract of sample "Earthquake Dangers to the California State East Bay Campus"

Download file to see previous pages The fault is a strike-slip fault and located between the North American Plate and Pacific Plate. Land on the west side of the fault is moving gradually to the northwest while the land on the east side of the fault is moving toward the southwest side. This movement is found to be 0.2 inches per year. (Alden, 2010)
The study of the San Andreas Fault is important from the viewpoint of earthquake science. Californias rich mineral wealth and the unusual landscape are due to this fault. The earthquakes along this fault line have affected people enormously and have taught people how to prepare for natural disasters. (Alden, 2010)
The San Andreas Fault is not a single break fault. It has several major and minor branches in southern California. The fault is a longest of its kind in the world. Starting from Point Arena, north of San Francisco it ends at the Salton Sea covering the distance of almost 625 miles. In the San Francisco Bay area, the San Andreas splits into two major branches. The east side of the Bay runs Hayward fault carrying the high probability of the would-be earthquake. The San Andreas fault extends deep into the earth's crust between four to ten miles. Thus, being a shallow fault it is more destructive at the surface compared to the one that originates from deep-seated faults.
From Fremont to San Pablo Bay running almost 40 miles, the Hayward Fault passes beneath the surface of the most densely populated regions of the California State. It is estimated that two million people stay and work along the faultline. Schools, gas lines, trauma centers and many other establishments are located near the fault.
A powerful earthquake of the magnitude 7 or above along the Hayward fault may occur any time in the next 30 years making a colossal loss in North California. Geologists have found deformed curbs and cracked lines in areas near the fault giving evidence of creep. The major earthquake along the line had occurred almost 140 years back and that is the usual frequency of a major earthquake along this fault line.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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