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Decision Support Systems - Term Paper Example

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 This paper discusses the situation on October 8, 2005 a major earthquake, measuring 7.6 struck Asia. It was the beginning of the winters and the relief measures were not over. This paper considers causing severe human causalities in absence of proper shelter and clothing for the displaced people…
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Decision Support Systems
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Download file to see previous pages However, even after six months, many of the two million people made homeless still need and are waiting for the supports (Oxfam New Zealand, n.d).
Pakistan frequently experiences natural disasters resulting in heavy casualties of life and wealth. The seismic risk is heavy in many major Pakistani cities like Karachi, Rawalpindi, and Islamabad. Poor constructions and lack of building codes enforcement lead to further loss of human life. Further, changes in demography and climate could lead to more damages (Pakistan 2005 Earthquake, n.d, 24)
Decision Support Systems: Considering the extent of the devastation caused by the earthquake in Pakistan and the possibility of its reoccurrence in the future, it is necessary that certain strategy should be devised to reduce the deadly effects of these natural catastrophes. Here are some of the steps suggested for the concerned authorities to consider.
Identifying the risk: It has been found earlier that there are greater chances of the places around the earthquake-affected area experiencing the tremors of the earth shake. Seismological monitoring does exist in almost every country but it should be modernized. After the recent quake efforts should be made to make new seismic risk analysis in Pakistan. A combined assessment of the potential risk to human lives, infrastructure, and the economy should be made. The authorities in the areas prone to the earthquakes should be made aware of these hazards and instructed to strictly follow the construction rules. In the future development plan, the areas of the earthquake should be shown clearly.
Also, there should not only be the seismic recording machines, but there should also be early warning systems. The experienced scientist should closely monitor these systems. The time of warning before the actual occurrence of the disaster should be long enough for the government to take preventive actions like the removal of people from the area of the potential disaster. These early warning systems should be maintained properly and from time to time should be checked for the consistency (Pakistan 2005 Earthquake, n.d, 25)
Responding to the Earthquake: A national disaster strategy should be made and implemented. At the time of disaster, there should be close coordination between the national authorities and the local authorities. After the disaster, the local community is generally the first responder. Hence the locals in the disaster-prone areas should be given the training to tackle the emergency situations. They should be trained to protect themselves and also protect others (Pakistan 2005 Earthquake, n.d, 24).
The local authorities also should be made competent enough and trained to face such emergency situations. The NGOs should be encouraged to get involved in the emergency, at the earliest. The local community, the NGOs, the local authorities and the national authorities, all should be made to work in tandem without creating unnecessary hassles in the emergency situation.
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